video | Meteorologist is surprised when he learns that the weather map is tactile


there are moments where you can’t turn back Happinessalso with little things, it had been astronaut from american series ABC7 Chicago, Greg Dutra, live explaining Weather Forecastfound out that screen in which it shows Map it was tactile and interactive, and that it can ‘zoom’ and tilt the graph. “Can I do this?” he said. satisfaction, Whether it’s sunny or rainy, except on one side Illinois, He himself posted his reaction to it Twitter And we won’t deny it: Dutta has made our day happy.

The expert has spent three years telling the time television networkBut till Thursday he did not realize that he could ‘play’ with the screen. While commenting on the graph Dutta accidentally touched it and was surprised to see that he had shifted it with fingers, “Oh, I moved the map! Can I do that?”, he said, at the same time he touched it again to confirm it.

Not only this, the meteorologists were surprised. The Morning Newscaster Terrell Brown, got up from his seat and announced that he had to “try”. He quickly approached Dutta, who couldn’t stop smiling, touched the screen and screamed with joy.

“What’s going on here?”

The meteorologist was still in a cloud. “Can I ‘zoom in’?” he asked before using his fingers again Expansion A specific spot on the map that Brown stands out from laughter, The rest of the teammates asked him how it was that he didn’t know the screen was a touchscreen, to which he replied that he had never touched it before.

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Like a small child, Dutta continued to point fingers at it and discovered another function: it could tilt the aerial view of the map as well. “Oh my god! What’s going on here?” He asked stunned and explained it before going back to reality. audience That Temperature They used to go upstairs in the afternoon.

Yes, with a smile from ear to ear. The same thing happened on Twitter: the video has already been viewed more than three million times.

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