video | Disney Is So Expensive That Mothers Hide Their Kids To Avoid Paying Tickets


Disney World It is listed by many as “the happiest place on earth”, but only a few have access to it. high price that he has achieved so much that some parents have managed to take their children for a low cost and have carried out “illegal” practices, How to smuggle little ones

A TikTok went viral as it showed how a woman disguised school age child To avoid paying the price of admission to Baby Disney World. There has been debate as to whether this is wrong. The video shows a group with a baby stroller waiting in line to buy tickets at the park. A Disney employee smiles and looks at the stroller, but doesn’t comment.

it costs too much

Disney World Park has an entry limit for one person 109 and $159 per day, Based on the date and time of travel. All visitors 3 years of age and older must have a purchased ticket.

After the video went viral, many commented in support: “My son is 4, but at Disneyland he knows he’s 2,” someone wrote. Another shouted: “My parents used to make me do this.” ,i fully support it Because we went in May and it was literally like having a second mortgage on our house,” expressed another sympathetic.

But not all comments were good: “We only teach our kids to lie about their age, but it’s epic”, “Way people are not ashamed It continues to amaze me, “I could understand they had 4 kids but they only had one, but they probably had to use their ticket money to pay for gas to get there,” some criticism. She was

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