video | Collapse on K2: Queues to get to the top and more climbs in one day than in 42 years


It was a feat destined for some brave and outstanding people climbersBut what happened was unimaginable: Everest suffered a loss of tourism in 2012, Again, experts warn high risk of accidents if they continue to scale peak Highest and most dangerous in the world. However, the man again slipped on the same stone and Over 200 climbers formed an hour-long queue trying to climb the 8,848-metre peak In 2019, thus beat climbing record same day. beyond that fall and some historical photosParts impressive and Dantesque, experts once again warned of another danger: the business flow of a natural wonder. instead of this, Sherpas of Nepal saw Vein And they’ve copied business K2of 8,611 m,

Last 22 July, 145 people They reached the K2 summit. This is more people than in 1954, when Achilles Compagnoni You Lino Lacedelli 1996 became the first to do so tourist overcrowding Of eight smiles It is clear. so that Glacier melting the urine of thousands of Everest climbers,

Long queue at an important point at the top

K2 Doesn’t Face the Sky Like Everest, But It Goes Beyond It Difficulty, The figures speak for themselves: as of 2021, 10,658 people have crowned the Himalayan peak and only 377 people have crowned the Karakoram, according to the Himalayan database Count. Despite the challenge, it has become another tourist attractions,

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Climbers of the Sherpa Ethnic Group mingma ji He condemned the situation through a video posted on the social network. The video shows some thirty people doing indian tail And waiting for your turn to reach the top. Also, jam occurred’Hitch’The peak of the summit and one of the most dangerous’eight thousand, Avalanches and snow have fallen, with ropes cut and climbers stuck in the descent.

Sherpa recording traffic jams advertises his services

Despite immortalizing traffic jams, Mingma did not miss the opportunity to advertise his services. In his Twitter profile, he highlighted that he led K2’s first winter campaign last year. He has climbed Everest five times and K2 three times, as well as climbed 13 of the 14 peaks more than 8,000 meters without oxygen. In the video, he takes the opportunity to recall the next missions over 7,000m he will undertake, as well as “many” of 6,000m, he announces, leaving a link to his company to be able to sign up. . , What was unimaginable happened. And it will continue to happen.

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