video | An electric skateboard explodes in an elevator: Its owner suffered a third-degree burn


sometimes most serious accidents Occurs in the least expected moments, even while performing daily activities, this tragedy occurred where a person suddenly suffered severe burns burst An electric scooter and the incidents were recorded by a video camera of an elevator.

The incident by camcorder is this Wednesday when a man was going to a repair shop because he saw that his ‘Scooter’ was presenting failures, and in fact, the transport had a problem that its owner could not identify in time, leading to what would have been like a precautionary review, ending in tragedy.

In the images it is seen that the person travels peacefully next to the device from one moment to another explodes, causing a loud explosion Along with the clouds of smoke. After the accident, man got severe burns Since he could not even protect himself or escape from the flames he was inside an elevator located in a residential building with closed doors.

Events Russian city. happened in Krasnodar And it is not yet explained why the skate exploded suddenly, although earlier versions suggest that there may have been a short circuit in the motor, causing the flames and noise to spread.

Fortunately, private security from his housing unit saved the man immediately. 37 years, who were rushed to the nearest hospital. Unfortunately, the victim presented third degree burn And there are lesions on 60% of his skin.

Are scooters dangerous?

Scooters have become popular, but commuters and spectators have faced some serious accidents, according to a study by the Journals PLOS organization. This study shows the growth of these vehicles on the roads, accidents and serious injuries to their drivers due to accidents, falls or runs away.

Research has shown that This mode of transport is more dangerous than a bicycle, cars and even motorcycles. Research shows that the most common injuries in scooter accidents are craniofacial injuries, dislocated joints, and general fractures.

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