Variation in the cost of living for Colombians is increasing


Variation in the cost of living of Colombians is increasing and Although market analysts expect some relief in this sector in the second semester, it will not be in much proportion.

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In addition, they see that inflation in Colombia, today very close to 9.1 percent per year, as revealed by the Department of National Statistics (DEN), is at the level of 8.49 percent for analysts at the end of the year. The study may be consulted. Between 8.7 and 9.7 percent were surveyed by the Center Fedesarrollo, and 34.9 and 16.3 percent respectively Banco de la Repubblica.

The Center for Economic Studies estimates that the annual variation in the cost of living will again rise to a level of 9.56 percent by June.

“For June we expect inflation to be at 0.56 per cent, with annual inflation reaching 9.07 to 9.75 per cent. Although the VAT-free day partly helps to counteract the pressure, we expect food, housing and public services to continue to drive price changes”, say analysts at the Alianza Group.

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they are Longer-term expectations that pertain to the issuer’s board and that prompt it to make a strong adjustment to its rate, which won’t be the only one for the rest of the year.

For analysts, a number of factors are still pressing on this front, so they only see that a further decline in inflation could crystallize next year.
“While food inflation is declining, we still expect a few more months where it will be above its pre-pandemic monthly average,” he says in Alianza, where he expects inflation to fall sharply in 2023. When they expect it to close, at 3.7 percent.

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