Valencian community wants to promote 100 biogas plants in 8 years


Generalitat wants to promote the deployment of Valenciana 100 Biogas Plants Feather Valencian Community For Reduce dependence on natural gas and promote circular economy by turning waste into fuel. This initiative will make it possible to reduce natural gas consumption by 6.5% and save 300 million euros per year. The idea is that 40% of the plants are public and 60% private. The project aims to attract 300 million euro European funds. In addition, Generalitat will contribute 150 million euros and private companies 50 million. The sector has welcomed the plan with optimism. There are about 18,000 biogas plants in Europe, but only 200 in Spain.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition has presented Valencian Biogas Route With the aim of creating a new industrial zone which will generate 6,000 green jobs. In addition, it would allow progress in the fight against climate change, the circular economy and energy sovereignty in a situation marked by historic highs in the price of energy.

Ecological Transition Minister Miriya Molla has highlighted the need to accelerate the construction of this new industrial zone, which has clear environmental and economic benefits. References such as the current energy war Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The various points of the path aimed at promoting green employment are explained in an act in which the minister has participated. miriya mollaWith the Regional Secretary for Ecological Transition, Paula Tuzon, General Director of Climate Change and Ecological Transition, selsa monroe You fresh peterrespectively, and the technical staff of the ministry.

The initiative combines the environmental aspect – which will allow for a 3% reduction in global emissions in the Valencian community and the recovery of urban solid waste, sewage treatment plants, livestock farming and the agri-food industry – with the socio-economic benefits of creating a sustainable industry that will produce 6,000 new jobs and will reduce the purchase of natural gas from third countries to an amount of more than 300 million euros.“We have the opportunity, capacity and political will to accelerate the production of biogas to become a strategic sector, multiplying current production by ten and substituting renewable gas for the energy consumption of 65% of households or the Valencian textile industry. 4 times”.Measure underlined. environmental impact

The head of ecological transition has given importance Proposal’s positive environmental impactAcknowledging the need to address the bill-cutting energy transition in the face of skyrocketing prices: “Not only do we aspire to reduce the bill, but we already have a direct savings of 34 million euros in emissions entitlements. can determine the amount of biogas from which biogas is exempted”.

The department led by Mireia Molo has requested to implement the Valencian Biogas Route 300 million euros Next Generation EU FundsWhich will be added to 150 to be provided by Generalitat and another 50 from the private sector.

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gross, It aims to generate a global investment of 500 million euros that will allow the construction of a hundred production plants between public and private, and maximize the potential of mature but less used technology at the state level.

Studies on the potential of the Valencian biogas route support recovery of waste from sewage treatment plants, manure from the livestock sector, vegetable residues, waste from the agri-food industry and organic waste Available on Consularia’s website-

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