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US announces new weapons package for Ukraine



weapons in ukraine

The Himer missile carrier, the supply of American weapons to Ukraine.


FaZe Nureldin. AFP

The Himer missile carrier, the supply of American weapons to Ukraine.

The new aid would again include the Hymer missile system.

The United States on Thursday announced another $450 million military aid package to Ukraine. To counter Russian aggression and that includes the missile system that Kyiv had been claiming for weeks.

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The announcement reflects Washington’s commitment to Ukraine as it comes just ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid, National Security Council communications coordinator John Kirby said at a news conference.

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Kirby explained that the package included more artillery shells, boats to patrol the water and an additional number of Hymers, a truck-mounted missile system capable of firing up to 70 kilometers away.

The US had already shipped four of these Hymer systems to Ukraine.But the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has been demanding for weeks from the Joe Biden government to send more.

Zelensky hopes that these missiles will help Ukrainian troops in the Lugansk region, In eastern Ukraine, where Russian forces are rapidly advancing towards the city of Lisichansk.

It is the last major city under full control of Kyiv, even after losing control of Severodnetsk almost completely. This 450 million aid package adds to the 1,000 million that Biden announced on June 15.

The US has allocated more than $6 billion in security aid to Ukraine since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24, according to Pentagon data.


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