URU STORM OUT: “Colombian hooligans put our families at risk, newborns included” – Uruguayan stars slam fan fightback

Copa America Violence Marred by Unsightly Scenes in Semi-Final

The 1-0 win for Colombia over Uruguay has been overshadowed by shocking videos of fan violence that left supporters of both teams reeling.

Footage has surfaced showing punches being thrown, both on the field and in the stands, with both Uruguay and Colombian fans engaging in unsavoury behaviour. The atmosphere descended into chaos after the final whistle, as it’s clear that tempers have flared.

It’s absolutely terrifying to see players like Darwin Núñez involved in the scraps, throwing punches at opponents who have stopped fighting. The footage, including images of projectiles being thrown by supporters at the Uruguay team, raises legitimate questions about the safety and conduct of football fan culture.

Uruguay’s skipper, Jose Maria Gimenez, wasn’t shy about placing some blame for the mayhem on misbehaving fans and officials in charge of the game. According to Fox Sports, he laid responsibility on a few reckless party animals who lost control of themselves – not exactly a plausible apology for what transpired on Monday.

CONMEBOL has acknowledged the disturbing scenes and initiated a thorough investigation into the matter.

More investigation is needed to get to the roots of the matter.

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