Unusual: A man shoots his ex-wife and son to death for spending too much on electricity


a men DeLand, Fla., is accused of murder ex wife and son, Apparently, the incident happened last Sunday, due to a strong family argument over it. electricity bills,

The detainee has been identified as 47-year-old Michael Williams Accused of shooting dead ex-wifeMarsha Ebanks-Williams, 48, and her Son Roberts Adams, 28 years old.

As per initial reports, the subject found that the lock of his house had been replaced with electricity. Williams remarked that, before leaving his home, cut home electricity to save money Rising electricity bill.

The attacker was arrested last Sunday. Photo: Volusia Sheriff’s Office

However, when the man returned home, he realized that His relatives had changed the lock after the power was restored, Before the discovery, the attacker argued with him former partnerJoe lived with her, despite the fact that they got divorced in June of this year.

After a thorough discussion, Suspect may have shot his relatives, According to officials, Williams admitted that he shot his ex-wife and sonJustifying that he acted in self-defense.

However, Williams He was charged with two counts of murder. In first class after being arrested by the police. Officials remarked that the couple’s two young children were also present inside the house, who could testify against the subject.

Discussion has started regarding electricity bill. Photo: Pixabay

“The five and six-year-olds were probably witness of the killing of his mother, “It was a senseless crime that shouldn’t have happened,” said Volusia sheriff’s deputy chief Brian Henderson.

Similarly, the authorities acknowledged that Michael Williams and Marsha Ebanks had condemnedIn the past months, faced the problems of domestic violence after their divorce.

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