Unpublished: This is the only fan campaign of a councilor candidate


a political candidate platform is used fan only for your election campaign by forcing people who want to see your policies to sign up for your account. This 44-year-old Tess Garcia is running as a candidate for a local office in Tarapoto, PeruAs the first councilor of the District Municipality of La Banda de Chilcayo.

The standard bearer for the Union Territorial Movement also plans to finance its campaign with money it generates from adult photos posted on her profile, which has a reach of $20 per month. he didn’t say anything about how much does it generate, But some speculate that it is too much.

it’s nothing new in your life

“Fans only is a project that has been with me since the pandemic and it is through this that I show my proposals,” he told local media. Both Garcia and his party They insist that the campaign is seriousAnd she says that the time has come when someone took a different approach to conversion.

He says his campaign is serious. Photo: Special.

García announced in a radio station in his city that: “I am tired of ordinary politics and, as businessmen, we deserve a change.” At another event she said: “I like to show off my offers. I’m a working woman. I want to please all my neighbors with cool projects that help improve their quality of life.”

They feel that the time has come to do something different in politics. Photo: Special.

San Martín, the province of which Tarapoto is the capital, is a mostly rural area and away from the hustle and bustle of the country’s capital, Lima. “I’ve noticed that many girls in Lima have fan only accounts, so I asked myself: Why can’t even a woman from the provinces have an account?” he explained.

Financing your public events with what you earn. Photo: Special.

García has been compared to Peruvian television personality and former congressman Susie Díaz, who was convicted by the country’s most conservative region in 1995 after a tattoo of the number 13 on her left buttock indicated that part of the ballot. Wanted to mark voters. ,

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