Units supports Letta’s candidacy


Updated: 09.23.2022 11:40 a.m.

Secretary General of United for Advance, Ramon Swordlerhas expressed support for the Democratic Party candidate, Enrico Letta, ahead of the elections to be held on Sunday in Italy. Espadaler recalls the parallelism between that formation, which brings together Christian Democrats and Social Democratsand the pact that Units has with the PSC in Catalonia, which forms part of a pro-European tradition.

“From Units we express our support for Enrico Letta and wish him and the Democratic Party the best in Sunday’s elections. Some important elections for Italy, but also for the whole of the European Union,” Espadaler wrote on his Twitter profile.

Good prospects

The polls place the formation led by Letta, which brings together Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, as the second force, since the union of the parties of the right and extreme right benefits them against a center and center-left.

From his Christian Democrat militancy stems a close relationship with the former Democratic Union of Catalonia (UDC). A relationship that has continued, also on a personal level, with members of Units.

The pre-electoral alliance between the Christian Democracy and the Social Democracy, which brings together a broad Europeanist central space, moderate and alien to the populisms of the right and left, is similar to the experience of PSC and Units in Catalonia since 2017 with the alliance between PSC and Units.

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