United States and Taiwan agree to trade talks in the face of Chinese ‘coercion’


The United States and Taiwan announced on Thursday that they would begin trade talks at the end of September.In the context of China’s growing military, diplomatic and economic “coercion” on Taiwan, as condemned by Washington’s top diplomat for East Asia.

,After the recent visit of MPs to Taiwan, China has accused America of interference.,

In response to a recent visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei, the Chinese military conducted its largest ever air and sea military exercise in several days in the Taiwan Strait, angering the Beijing government.

Taiwan remains under constant threat of a Chinese invasion, which considers the island to be part of its territory and may occupy it by force if necessary. It is in this context that the United States and Taiwan are going to begin trade talks in a show of support for the democratically governed island in the face of Chinese maneuvers, despite the fact that Washington does not have formal ties with Taipei.

(Too: China fired several ballistic missiles and projectiles at Taiwan,

Those talks will cover a range of areas, including agriculture, digital trade and the reduction or elimination of tariff barriers, according to a statement from the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

In addition to developing exchanges and investments, the talks will address the issue of responding to “anti-market policies and methods”, announced the office of the US Trade Representative, Catherine Tai, which could be interpreted as a reference to China. ,

The formal start of these new discussions is a sign of desire. United States to move closer to Taiwan, is an important business partner in itself. “We welcome this opportunity to deepen economic cooperation between our two freedom-loving countries (…),” Taiwan’s foreign ministry said in a tweet.

Taiwan Key to American Semiconductors

Taiwan is a global producer and supplier of the most advanced semiconductors, which are used in many fields, from mobile phones to computers, from automobiles to missiles.

But Taiwan’s most important trading partner still remains China, which this Thursday reacted by “strongly opposed” these trade talks between the island and Washington.

“China has always opposed any exchange between any country and the Chinese territory of Taiwan,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Xu Xueting said.

As of 2021 figures, about 42 percent of Taiwan’s exports go to China and Hong Kong, while only 15 percent goes to the United States.

Washington diplomatically recognizes China, but maintains genuine ties with Taiwan and defends the island’s right to decide its future.

Artillery pieces from the Taiwanese Army during a live fire drill.

US condemns China’s ‘coercion and intimidation’

The United States now accuses China of using Pelosi’s visit as an excuse to intimidate and coerce Taiwan. With your military maneuvers.

“While our policy has not changed, Beijing’s growing coercion has changed,” Washington’s envoy to East Asia Daniel Krittenbrink told reporters in a conference call.

“These actions are part of an intense pressure campaign to intimidate and pressure Taiwan and undermine its resistance,” Krittenbrink said.

The diplomat said he believed the pressure on the Taiwanese government would continue in the coming “weeks and months”. “(China’s) words and actions are deeply unsettling.

“They run the risk of making miscalculations and endangering stability in the Taiwan Straits,” Krittenbrink said. He predicted that Washington would respond with “quiet but firm steps” to keep the Taiwan Strait open and peaceful.

In Singapore on Wednesday, US 7th Fleet Vice Admiral Carl Thomas said China’s moves around Taiwan should be the answer.
Taiwan on Wednesday unveiled its most advanced fighter jet in a rare night display.


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