Unemployment live in Ecuador: government breaks talks with Leonidas Iza after a soldier’s death


With information from EFE.

Ecuador’s president, the conservative Guillermo Lasso, was saved from being sacked by the National Assembly last Tuesday, June 28, when a motion to remove him from power, promoted by the opposition parliamentary group of Union por la Esperanza, who was related. Former President Rafael Correa.

The initiative to remove Lasso fell 12 votes short of achieving its objective, as it required a favorable vote of two-thirds of parliament, which equated to 92 of the 137 assembly members, but the final vote resulted in 48 against. 48 votes were in favor. and 9 abstinence.

The proposal was presented by the assemblyman of Eunice Fernando Cedeno due to “serious political crisis and internal commotion” in the context of protests against the government due to the cost of living led by the Swadeshi and Peasant movement, which is already in place. Six people, including a soldier, were killed and about 400 were injured.

The voting took place after over 18 hours of debate, which was divided over three days, where 109 assembly members participated to express their positions.

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