UN concludes war crimes have been committed in Russian-occupied territories


Sexual violence, torture and executions of both combatants and civilians. both adults and children. According to Eric Mosse, chairman of this tripartite commission, the UN fact-finding mission in Ukraine has concluded after visiting that country in June that war crimes were committed during their invasion of Russian-occupied territories. His appearance before the United Nations Human Rights Council.

“We were shocked by the large number of executions in the areas we visited,” said the Norwegian expert, who indicated that the mission investigates this type of murder in 16 Ukrainian cities, although it is not considered to be a crime of this type. reliable report. Many other places.. Moses did not attribute the atrocities to Russia, but his investigators worked in areas that were occupied by the Russians.

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Many of these murders were committed on previously detained people, Moses said, noting that many of the dead had their hands tied behind their backs, head wounds and throat cuts, evidence of this. that they were summary executions.

The commission’s chairman also condemned that acts of sexual and sexual violence were committed against victims “between the ages of four and 82”, and in some cases their relatives were forced to observe that these people was abused or tortured.

sensitive material.  This image may offend or disturb A body with hands tied with white cloth, which, according to residents, was shot by Russian soldiers, lying on the street in Bucha, Ukraine, April 3, 2022, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine Is.  Reuters/Zohra Bensemara search

The body of a handcuffed man was lying on Buka Street when it was retrieved by the Ukrainian military in early April.


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The mission—also created by Colombian Pablo de Griff and Bosnian Jasminka Zumhur—documents “the rape, torture and illegal detention of children”, in some cases being murdered. .

Witnesses interviewed by the mission reported being subjected to beatings, electric shocks and forced nudity during illegal detention in some cases after being transported from Ukraine to Russian territory.

The body of a civilian, who according to residents was killed by soldiers of the Russian Army, lies on the street in the midst of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in the Kyiv region, Ukraine, April 2, 2022.

On April 3, the body of a civilian is lying next to a bicycle in Buka.

Reuters/Zohra Bensemara

Some of the attacks we investigated were launched without distinction between civilians and fighters

Eric MosesPresident of the United Nations Mission in Ukraine

The Norwegian expert also condemned the repeated use of explosive devices in non-military areas, which has affected residential areas, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure, killing nearly 6,000 civilians in seven, according to the United Nations Human Rights Office. has caused. months of struggle.

“Of the attacks we investigated, part of it was launched without distinction between civilians and combatants,” Mosse said, pointing to evidence of possible war crimes.

IZIUM, UKRAINE - SEPTEMBER 21: (Editor's note: This image contains graphic material) Rescue workers and forensic police remove bodies from unidentified temporary graves at Pishanske Cemetery in Izium, Ukraine, September 21, 2022.  The bodies will be examined by forensic officers for possible war crimes.  Izium was recently liberated from Russian occupation after six months.  About 440 bodies are buried in the cemetery, so far more than 338 bodies have been taken to the Kharkiv morgue.  (Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)

Forensics unearth the body of an unidentified man in a mass grave in Iseum

Paula Bronstein / Getty Images

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The findings are communicated by the mission for the first time since its creation by the Human Rights Council last March, and specifically cover acts carried out in February and March in the areas near Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy during the occupation of Russian troops. has been recovered after. He visited 27 places and interviewed more than 150 victims and witnesses.

“The recent discovery of more mass graves (referring to the findings at Izium in the Kharkiv region) reflects the seriousness of the situation,” said the commission’s chairman, who indicated that the Ukrainian authorities cooperated with him in the investigation, while Russia did. So far he has refused to communicate with them.

An emergency worker holds a civilian's leg during an excavation in the recently withdrawn area of ​​Izium, Ukraine, Saturday, Sept.  17, 2022.  Ukrainian authorities discovered a mass burial site near the recaptured city of Izium containing hundreds of graves.  It was not clear who was buried in many of the plots or how they all died, although witnesses and a Ukrainian investigator said some were killed by artillery fire, mines or airstrikes and others were killed. was.  (AP Photo / Evgeny Maloletka)

A worker holds the foot of a civilian exhumed from a mass burial in Iseum on September 17

AP Photo / Evgeny Maloletka

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A Ukrainian girl saying goodbye to her partner in Odessa yesterday, who leaves for the front

Russia regularly denies intentionally targeting civilians during its “special military operation” in Ukraine and has said in the past that allegations of human rights violations as well as war crimes are part of a smear campaign.

Mosse clarified that the mission has collected two incidents of abuse of Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces, a type of crime that “though they are small in number, will remain under our attention.”

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