Ultra-realistic eyebrows, the technique with which you can forget about microblading


Beauty trends for fall have begun to displace what was known as “being trendy” a few months ago and although until a few weeks ago only included eye makeup, now eyebrows They’ve started to gain a lot of ground to give a simpler and more natural look as opposed to bleached, ultra-thin or even completely shaved. Now, experts warn, a New technology has won the season.

they are about ultra realistic eyebrows that they are willing to remove microblading Out of everyone’s eyes, because although it’s been a favorite trend for years now, it’s set to disappear, at least during the fall. And it’s that the result of this new technology – which is already winning the hearts of beauty lovers – is brilliant for giving the face a new image and most of all. Natural Due to which no one will doubt that there is a whole technology behind it to highlight the best features.

The result is very discreet and natural. (Photo: Pinterest Dulce Lash)

And it’s that as the stylists themselves say: “Eyebrows are the most important thing in the face”, so much so that they can help us transform our appearance with a simple modification. So on this occasion, we tell you everything you need to know about it. Contraindications to Microblading And this is the perfect justification to change appearances to welcome the new season.

It should be noted that unlike other aesthetic interventions, the main aim of this trend is correct and balance the eyebrows; Of course, results can vary from person to person, as there is another important aspect of technique. surrealist The intention of rejuvenating or beautifying is to highlight the best features of the face, as the case may be.

Why are hyper-realistic eyebrows a sensation?

one of the most common problems eyebrows is that they have to be created to help us highlight the look and the rest is makeup; However, you may or may not always have enough time to pay attention to them, especially on those days when we want a clean face and Show off the natural beauty. Luckily, there are tons of trends you can always look perfect with, even if you don’t put on a drop of makeup.

and right here ultra realistic eyebrows, They help professionally done tattoo pigmentation look more realistic than other techniques. The trick to this is that the specialist traces the desired shape onto the brows, but doesn’t fill them in completely, but uses a very fine needle to trace hairs from hairs, always making sure that the lines are one does not go in that direction.

This is the perfect technique for highlighting facial features. (Photo: Pinterest Lebarc207)

that is, the result should be a “W” shaped pattern In which the eyebrows are directed in both directions, but are traced in a very soft and hard way that anyone looks at us. The next thing to keep in mind is that this technique of individual strokes helps to deliver Volume and a 3D effect So it will not even be noticed that they are not your natural eyebrows and that is where the name comes from. “Surrealist”.

The best part is that betting on this fall beauty trend won’t have you spending hours on makeup. eyebrowsPlus, you can make faces look natural without worrying that they look imperfect or disheveled. Of course, like any other procedure, you must follow some precautions So that the color of the tattoo remains for several months, some of them are as follows:

  • Do not put cosmetics on the eyebrows
  • Do not scratch or rub the area after the procedure
  • apply sunscreen to the area
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

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