Ukraine’s call to the Russians: opposition to war or surrender


President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, used your speech before United Nations General Assembly to ask the world Strict punishment against Russia And to demand more military support for his country, denying any possibility of peace talks.

Zelensky addressed the international community on the same day that the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, started a new phase of the war by ordering the partial mobilization of reservists and threatening the use of nuclear weapon.

Zelensky, who was not in New York, addressed the General Assembly on Wednesday, September 21 with a video message and condemned the Russian invasion In form of “Crime“Against our country, against our citizens and against all the values ​​that the United Nations represents.

,A crime has been committed against Ukraine and we demand appropriate punishment“The president insisted on speaking in English and wearing his now classic military shirt.

That sentence, he said, should translate sanctions, blockade of trade and relations with Moscow, The withdrawal of their right to vote in international bodies, the ban on visas for Russians or the creation of a special court to judge crimes committed, among other things.

zelensky The door closed at this time for possible talks with Russia, insisted that when Moscow talks about negotiations the only thing he looks for is to find time to regroup.

,At the very least, they want to build fortifications on the occupied land and build a military garrison at home.“Added Zelensky, who said that his country could not accept a war postponed for a few months, because then it would be even more bloody.

Putin, President of Russia.


So, he asked his colleagues more military support Especially long-range weapons and air defenses, with which to continue its counter-attack.

,We can return the Ukrainian flag to our entire territory. We can do it with arms, but we need timesaid Zelensky, who also requested more financial aid.

,We are ready for peace, but for true, honest and just peace. so we have the world”, he added in a speech that raised a good portion of those present in the General Assembly’s hemicycle.

Many world leaders reiterated their support for Ukraine, but Other governments opted for a more general call for peace and an end to conflict Which is having an indirect effect all over the world.

Added to his speech on Wednesday was Zelensky’s call for Russians on Thursday to protest against the reservists’ mobilization announced by the Kremlin. Surrender to Kyiv forces.

,55,000 Russian soldiers have died in this war in six months (…) Do you want more? No? So, protest! fight! has not it! or leave“As for the Ukrainian army, he said in a video message in Russian.

Many Belarusians from the opposition draw up a Ukrainian flag in solidarity with Ukraine.

Protests against the Russian invasion of Ukraine.



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