Ukraine: UN concludes war crimes have been committed


The independent United Nations mission to investigate the invasion of Ukraine confirmed this Friday that Russia has committed war crimes that include brief executions or sexual violence against childrenBefore which the Ukrainian delegation asked for the creation of a court to judge these abuses at the highest level.

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Mission President Eric Mosse appeared for the first time this Friday before the UN Human Rights Council, which approved the investigation in March. Enumerate a long list of war crimes in the regions he has studied so far (Kyiv, Kharkov, Chernihiv and Sumy Zone),

“We have been impressed by the large number of executions,” stressed the Norwegian expert, who indicated that these murders have been identified in at least 16 places, such as the victims’ hands tied behind their backs, over the head. Has been shot, strangled.

Particularly graphic was his mention of abuse against children, “in some cases raped, tortured and illegally detained”, and about crimes of sexual violence committed by Russian soldiers “in which victims were aged four and above”. 82 years old”, at times compelled his family members to witness the abuse.

Moses also cited examples of possible war crimes. Torture in illegal detention centers, including beatings, electric shocks and forced nudity, sometimes in areas of Russian territory where victims were forcibly relocated,

It was the largest prisoner swap with Ukraine since the war began in February.

Other war crimes include attacks with explosive weapons on residential areas, schools or hospitals in which, according to the United Nations, about 6,000 civilians have been killed, a tactic “which explains why a third of the Ukrainian population was forced to flee.” Has been done”. to the head of mission.

It is also made by Colombian Paul of Gref and Bosnian Jasminka Dzumhur, visited Ukraine in June. His research teams were also in the country in July and August, mainly in areas liberated by Ukrainian troops after the initial Russian offensive in February and March, the months that were the subject of this preliminary investigation.

In a press conference, three members of the mission insisted that documented war crimes were committed by Russian invaders, although they also confirmed at least two cases of abuse of Russian soldiers by Ukrainian forces.

He also stressed with regard to allegations of human rights violations by Ukrainian forces in areas controlled by Russian troops such as the Donbass, who have not been able to access those areas because of Russia’s refusal to be expelled from the Human Rights Council in April. . Collaborate with the mission.

Following the oral report of the mission, which will present the full documentation of its investigation at the Council meeting in March 2023, The Ukrainian delegation asked the same UN body to create a specialized court to try Russian war crimes during the invasion,

Remove 447 Bodies

Meanwhile, Ukrainian authorities withdrew from Russians 447 bodies buried in a forest near the city of Izyum, and 30 of them had “signs of torture”, Kharkov region officials announced this Friday. The regional prosecutor’s office specified that there were 425 civilians – five of them children – and 22 Ukrainian soldiers.

“Most show signs of violent death and 30 show signs of torture”The governor of the Kharkov region, Oleg Sinegubov, for his part said on Telegram.

“There are bodies with a rope around them, their hands tied, with broken limbs or bullet wounds. Many men’s genital organs have been amputated,” Sinegubov said, assuming that it was ” Terrible torture”. afflicted by the population.


Excavation of dead bodies in Izium, Ukraine.

Several hundred graves with a cross and a mass grave were discovered near the city of Izyum in mid-September, which was under Russian occupation for several months before being withdrawn by Kyiv forces. Ukrainian police said they had also discovered “torture rooms” in several cities in the region, including Izium.

Russian forces are accused of a series of recoveries in Ukraine in areas under their control, especially in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, from where after withdrawal. Moscow soldier At the end of March, several bodies of civilians killed in cold blood were discovered. Moscow denied having committed these crimes and called the discovery of the tombs in Izium “a lie”.

Russia begins annexation referendum

Since this Friday, Russian merger referendums began in four Ukrainian regions controlled wholly or partly by Moscow, consultations branded as “false” by G7 leaders, who promised to “never” recognize them. .

These consultations, described by Ukraine and the West as a “spectacle”, mark a major escalation in the conflict that began on 24 February.

The leaders of the G7 (composed of the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom) declared, “We will never recognize referendums that appear to be a step towards Russian annexation, and if they do, we will will never recognize the attachment.” , Canada and Japan).


Flag of the Donetsk Separatist Republic in Moscow.


EFE/EPA/Yuri Kochetkov

However, international and Kyiv criticism has not stopped Moscow from going ahead with the referendum in Ukraine. Voting in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk and in the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhia began this Friday and will continue till September 27.

For his part, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, warned Russia that it would pay “sharp and dire” costs if it used a “false” referendum for Ukraine’s territories.

“The Russian referendum Biden said in a statement: “They are a false pretense of attempting to annex parts of Ukraine by force, which is a violation of international law.”

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