UK nurses have announced the first strike in the history of their healthcare system


major nursing associations United Kingdom has announced a strike for 15 and 20 December, which will be the first strike in history of the British healthcare system.

The British Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has indicated that He is left with no other option after talks with government ministers failin which he asked 5 percent more salary hike than the rate of inflationSo workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will stop for 12 hours on two days in December.

RCN general secretary Pat Cullen has indicated It’s the ministers who have opted for strike,: “They have the power and the means to stop this by starting serious talks that address our dispute.”

“nursing staff he is sick to be giventhat they are underpaid and staff are unsafe, that we cannot give our patients the care they deserve,” Cullen said, as reported by the BBC.

The announcement of this health strike has led to walkouts by postal workers, university workers and Scottish school teachers, as well as workers in the railway sector.

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Although the unions have pointed out that No plans for general strikeMany have talked about coordinating actions to maximize disruption and political impact.

The economic impact of the attacks remains uncertain, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), whose growth figures previously estimated the impact of closures such as Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in September, The Guardian reports.


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