UFOs: Strange Lights Reported in the Sky of Tijuana, Mexico


UFOs, unidentified flying objects, have been the subject of speculation for many years. During the Cold War, he was suspected in the ‘enemy’ skies of Russian reconnaissance and espionage missions in the West. Many others bet that it is extraterrestrial life that periodically passes through Earth to keep tabs on humans.

On the night of 28 June, Social network users shared videos and images of lights in a triangular shape in the sky in Tijuana, California, a city bordering the United States. It didn’t take long for the publications to go viral and are now a source of speculation and humor for Internet users in Mexico.

According to Citizen Reports, the lights were seen simultaneously in three points: Tijuana, San Diego and Baja California. While some people have decided to laugh and make memes about it, many others are in a position to ask for clarification, Based on the belief of alien life, to understand where the strange and inexplicable light came from.

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The video also caught the attention of Jaime Mawson, host of the program “Third Millennium”, in which he specializes in stories of unexplained events, most notably the sightings of aliens and UFOs on the planet.

He also wrote a Twitter thread in which he mentioned the presence of flying saucers and dared to explain his reasons for coming to Mexico.

The best memes left by aliens

Many Internet users took the opportunity to laugh at the incident, referring to the famous Mafe Walker as He notes that his ‘call’ to the aliens dragged him to Earth. Other funny memes were shared by internet users.

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Many others laughed that the alleged UFO was sighted in Tijuana, in the border area with the United States, because They joke that they can be detained by immigration agents at the crossing between the two countriesAs is the case with the thousands of Mexicans who cross daily.

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People also appeared to mock the collective “hysteria”, and shared photos of their pets with aluminum foil hats. It refers to those who wear this type of object to avoid being affected by electromagnetic vibrations generated by flying equipment.

So far, It has never been publicly or scientifically proven that there are cases of planes coming from other planets or from other corners of the universe. However, NASA has expressed that they will venture to collect the information so far available on UFOs and investigate what kind of flying objects they are.

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