Two Republican senators say Petro’s stance towards America is worrying.


US Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Chuck Grassley Consider “scary” “towards” America” Colombian President, gustavo petroand warn that changes in drug policy could damage Colombian regional strategy.

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In a letter released on Friday, Rubio and Grassley revealed Rahul Guptaoffice director White House National Drug Control PolicyAsk him to provide detailed information about his concerns about Petro and the meeting he had with him last August.

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“President Petro’s drug policy and attitude toward the United States is alarming. Shortly after taking office, President Petro suspended arrest warrants and extradition for members of the National Liberation Army (ALN), a designated terrorist organization. given. by the United States about 3,000 active. members”, they underscore in the letter released this Friday.

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia.

Both senators mentioned peace talks that Petro Eln. moving forward with and your request to withdraw Cuba From a list of state sponsors of terrorism prepared by the United States to substantiate its concern.

After pointing out that the production of cocaine could lead to Eln and terrorist activitiesFARC dissidents underlined that Petro has publicly praised the decriminalization of cocaine and has drawn up a plan to end the aerial elimination of coca.

They also underline that Petro re-established diplomatic relations with the “narco-regime”. Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela And his decision to act as a guarantor in negotiations with ELN.

He alleged, “Petro’s friendly actions towards actors working closely with drug traffickers in our hemisphere cast doubt on the Colombian president’s commitment to cooperating with the United States to stop the flow of drugs across our border.” are,” he alleged.

In the letter, he mentioned that Gupta had met the newly elected President of Colombia in August. To discuss cooperation between the United States and Colombia.

“President Petro now wants to renegotiate Colombia’s alliance with the United States, which both he and President Biden called unfair. In their meeting, President Petro called for reforming our countries’ long-standing extradition processes. called for. He said.

And he said that, according to the press, he proposed limiting extradition to those accused who “do not negotiate with the state” of Colombia.

“Not only does this limit our current treaty, which is passed in the Senate with a 96-0 vote, but it also encourages criminals to avoid extradition to the current political regime by bribing or coercion,” he said. They said.

The two senators concluded their letter to Gupta by saying that they expect to discuss their meetings with President Petro and his cabinet in the upper house this month and ask him to provide detailed information on a range of issues, including “Recognition” is discussed. by the United States of the “Maduro regime”.


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