Twitter will soon let you write longer ‘Articles’ with a new feature


Twitter has been known for its signature character limit of 280 characters. However, it appears that the platform is now considering adding a new feature that will allow users to type long-form text without the character limit.

Frequent Twitter tipster Jane Manchun Wong has hinted that the app will bring a new feature called “Twitter Articles” that will allow long-form writing. A screenshot Wong attached to her tweet also suggests that Articles will have their own dedicated tab in the main Twitter window similar to Spaces or Explore, but this too remains to be confirmed.

Not much is known about the Items feature as of now. Currently, the feature is not available to users and the platform has not said anything about including a long form feature yet. It’s also possible that the feature will never make it to the stable release channel.

It would be refreshing to see the platform offer some way for users to write text in longer format. For now, users who want to exceed the 280-character limit must string together multiple tweets to create what’s called a thread.

Other Expected Features

In other news, Twitter is set to add a number of features to the micro-blogging platform in the near future. This includes Twitter Flock, the implementation of Instagram’s ‘close friends’ feature that will allow certain tweets to be visible to a small group of selected people.

The app is also reportedly testing a new search bar for the Home tab, along with a tweet quote feature that will let you quote a tweet from a post with a reaction.


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