Twelve masterpieces will be showcased at the Celestina Festival from August 24 to 28


Celestine Festival. The Spain of Rojas’ returned to normalcy in its XXIV edition after a year, ‘online’ and with other restrictions. Will happen 12 tasks which will be done in eight phases puebla de montalbana (five caves, the Plaza Mayor, the palace of the Counts of Montalbán and the tower of San Miguel), six of them premire.

Councilor for Culture of the City Council of La Puebla de Montalbán, Cristina Redondo, and the festival’s artistic directors, Alberto Galvez and Sergio Rodrigo, have announced the event this Thursday in Toledo, which will be inaugurated on August 24 with an exhibition at the Plaza accompanied by birds of prey in the mayor, which will be followed by a flamenco show on the same stage.

On Thursday, 25 August, a didactic unit will be presented at the Celestina Museum to learn about La Celestina’s work through a special edition created by Cadena Ser, titled ‘Celestina, a Very Modern Classic’. And on the same day, at 10 p.m. in Plaza Mayor, there will be the first performance: ‘Francisco Hernández de la Puebla (Periplo y Testamento)’.

Presentation of the festival at the ‘San Clemente’ Cultural Center

H. Friar

The Celestina Museum will host ‘Fernando de Rojas, author of the legal novel Lazzarillo de Tormes’, before the opening of the Celestina Market on Friday 26 at 9:00 pm.

At 10 p.m. the star performance of the festival will come by Rafael lvarez ‘El Brujo’, performing the play ‘El Lazzarillo de Tormes’ (homage to Fernando Ferna Gómez) in the Plaza Mayor and with free admission.

There will be underground theater performances on Saturday and Sunday, eight performances on Saturday and seven on Sunday. These are ‘In Search of Callisto and Melibia’, ‘School of Celestinas’, ‘Redemption for Parmeno! (Headless Reflections), ‘Antinomy’ (Premier), ‘Molds the Spit Fire (in Juan de Lucena’s Printing House)’ (Premier), ‘The Celestina Sisters (Improvisation Show)’ (Premier), ‘Melibia at the nine . A Fairy Tail Trip” (Premier), “The Great Sickness (Plague and Miracle in Montalban)” (Premier) and “The Wheel” (Premier).

The Celestina Festival event culminates with a tapa day throughout the weekend, and will kick off on Sunday at 10:00 p.m. in Plaza Mayor, with a staging of ‘La Celestina’ adapted by Antonio Campos.

Ismail Pinel, Mayor of La Puebla de Montalbani

H. Friar

The Celestina Festival is “an essential cultural context, recognized and highly valued in the province of Toledo”, highlighted Maria Jesus Pérez, deputy for tourism, crafts and sports, during the presentation of the activities, which she shared with the mayor of LA Puebla de Montalbán, Ismail Pinel; Provincial Representative for Education, Culture and Sport, Jose Gutierrez; Councilor for Culture, Cristina Redondo, and the festival’s artistic directors, Alberto Galvez and Sergio Rodrigo.

« The executive of अलlvaro Gutierrez maintains its unwavering support for an essential and long-awaited festival in the month of August, which reflects the commitment of our municipalities to make culture a tool of coexistence and harmony for the community. defines it, and for this reason we contribute with 10,000 Euros to make it possible”, said Maria Jesus Perez.

For the deputy, the Celestina Festival of La Puebla de Montalbán “becomes an engine of growth and economic revitalization for the municipality and the region and makes a decisive contribution to the fight against deportation, as it instills hope and confidence in the future. “

The community board, the city council, the organization of the festival and all local associations and groups have been added in support of the Diputación de Toledo.

The mayor of La Puebla de Montalbán, Ismael Pinel, thanked the institutions for their help, and explained that the festival represents “great teamwork and a great effort of the city council to continue climbing the ladder that leads to The great reference in our country resembles theater festivals».

The provincial representative for culture, education and sport, Jose Gutierrez, recognized the importance of the festival to the province and region, “highlighting the institutional and economic support of the regional government, so that it returns to the streets with strength and desire.” , for caves, Plaza Mayor and historic buildings, with new functions and a more culturally powerful program».

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