TV3 1-O . produces a documentary with Rores about the illegal referendum of


at the door of Fifth anniversary of unilateral secession referendum in Catalonia From October 1, 2017 tv 3 once again devotes prominence in its programming to a documentary on the subject. This time, how was it organized illegal voting, under the title of Invisible Pyramid, 1-o. the election ofThe generalitat television produced together with media pro – Media group led by a nationalist tycoon james roures– a report in which, as declared, “reconstructs underground organization map Consult and discover the secrets of the civil operation that made this possible”.

Documentary screenwriter, director and host tian ribaThe former director of the controversial TV3 political program FAQ — famous for his marked separatist bias–, and currently director of the non-fiction sector of the group-owned production company El Terat Mediapro, which has benefited from numerous contracts in recent years of Catalan public television.

The documentary will air on September 27 and, according to the TV3 website, “for the first time, it features a face or voice for some of the people who were a part of it. And it reveals, in particular, the names of two leaders of freedom who acted as brains of the entire operation.

10,000 Chinese urns from the South of France

The space gives voice to many activists who took part in the separatist coup – some of them had their faces covered and their voices distorted. One of them, a Frenchman, revealed how he brought 10,000 packed ballot boxes from the south of France – “Northern Catalonia”, according to TV3 from China: “The French police called me and asked me why do we want them? 10,000 boxes that were in customs, I heard that a group of caster He was turning 20 and there would be 10,000 people at the ceremony. And I had to say that they had to build a big castle with boxes and later they would give one to each participant.

With these separatist activists, Riba visits some of the “eight main warehouses” where the ballot boxes are located. illegal referendum, And he gives voice to many of them, some of whom enthusiastically claim to keep some in their homes: “i put it in my bedroom i saw it and i was so excitedsays one.When elections come, there is a rushIt is done yes or yes”, says another nationalist.

Surveillance to beat the police

One of the managers of a warehouse in Osona also states that they were delivered “hundreds of volunteers“On highways where trucks carrying ballot boxes had to travel” warning of possible police activities,

According to TV3, out of these eight main shops, 40 small shops were again distributed ballot boxes. And from there, “via anonymous links, to those who had to keep them at home for the day or night before the consultation”

“The documentary reveals the name of the man who gave the green light to the invisible pyramid of anonymous citizens. But also the name of only one of the three people who, From the political arena, they knew all the details of the organization of the referendum, and which manages the provision of ballot boxes, ballot papers and electoral census without any of the people in charge of each compartment knowing who the others were or what they were actually doing”, explains TV3’s propaganda text, with little to no criticism of an illegal, one-sided and invalid nationalist referendum. Also the sign is conspicuous by its absence of any democratic guarantee.

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