Trump’s Posthumous Watergate, by Matias Valleso


sea ​​to lake where is the mansion Hillary and Bill Clinton attended the wedding as the guest of honor Melanie and Donald Trump, which at the time was considering an attack on the presidency of the United States by the Democratic Party under the tutelage of its predecessor. Life is crooked, and palatial abode FBI raidOn the pretext of proving once again that the lord of places is the worst US presidentDespite the fact that he was never involved in a military conflict, The search of the house without historical precedent is already more complicated than Villarejo’s plot. However, vaudeville is greatly simplified by stating that it is about inventing Trump. posthumous watergate, to keep it in the limelight. shake the scarecrow

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The realization that no one is going to get a Pulitzer and Biden isn’t even a click away from demolishing the White House, which to preside over the loss of Ukraine and Taiwan, forced to resurrect the monster we hate. The outrageous private record has provided no revelation worthy of a display of public astonishment, but only the invocation of the president already triggering adrenaline. The hard investigation will reveal what Trump encouraged and persuaded to take the Capitol in January last year, if there was a single Earth outside the discovery.

However, and for the first time in years, Suspicion has arisen around the world On the risk of the boomerang effect. People persecuted by excesses in the investigation may benefit. David Brooks, an anti-Trump ‘New York Times’ right-wing columnist, leads the dissent with his comment: “Did the FBI re-elect Donald Trump?” Freeing American progressives from their obsession with the Mar-a-Lago ogre is more important than reconstructing a mass of shoddy data, already chewed up a hundred times and equivalent to Villarejo’s labyrinth of sound memories Is.

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