Trump continues to hide documents from the national archives


Donald Trump has yet to turn over all the government documents he brought to Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives.

Trump has been withholding documents for eight months

CNN reported:

A source familiar with the situation says the document turnover has “not been fully resolved” and says Trump is still in possession of the documents the Archives want. The Archives hinted at this in a statement earlier this week.

“Representatives for former President Trump have informed NARA that they continue to seek additional presidential records belonging to the National Archives,” the Archives said in a statement.

In a series of interviews with CNN, a half-dozen people familiar with the matter described a tense situation that took nearly eight months to resolve, beginning with the NARA outreach in May and ending with the recovery of the boxes from Mar-a-Lago. last month.

The National Archives had to threaten Trump to retrieve the records

The CNN report suggests that the National Archives was getting nowhere with Trump until they threatened to involve the Justice Department and Congress. It was a threat of congressional action or for the Justice Department to show up at his door for Trump to hand over the documents.

Trump ignores the laws and only responds to threats. The dispute over the records is an example of Trump’s new reality. He has no authority to do anything. Without the power and immunity that comes with the presidency, Trump is vulnerable to the power and weight of the federal government.

Committee 1/6 has shown how effective congressional investigations can be when they are willing to use their power.

No one else could steal classified documents. and then refuse to turn them over. Donald Trump should be treated like any other person who commits crimes against the country and treated accordingly.

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