Trending Beauty: Hair and Makeup for You from the Catwalk


metallic touch

Eyes with metallic shadows in silver, copper, green, super saturated become the hero of makeup. You can use a small dab on the tear ridge for something subtle or all over the lid for a more dramatic look.


Rebellious, sculpted or a lot more romantic, braided hair is our favorite hairstyle for this season. Dare to take it further, even tying it all the way will surely elevate any outfit.

wet + comfort

It’s a powerful style and full of texture. Wearing your hair swept back can give you a sophisticated look, and if you wear a wet-like texture, you can achieve a straight-to-the-runway fashionista effect. One piece of advice, there are already various products out there that help you achieve this effect perfectly or eliminate it backwards without loose hair, to make it more simple and neat.

red lips

A timeless classic that is rediscovered every winter. This season is all about making it your own, from an intense and saturated red, to a more washed out one or more coral tones, play with it and wear it your way.

AILEDD by Menduet

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