Transgender equates to terrorism in Turkey


  • The Turkish government accuses transsexuals and homosexuals of being immoral and terrorists in the increasing homophobic rhetoric in their country

  • Transsexual women live without protection, are constantly threatened with assault, rape or murder

kesken came out one dancing to go to another, to the center of IstanbulWhen all this happened the past was May 4It’s two o’clock in the morning, with good weather starting to set in the city, and he and his friends wanted to celebrate.

a policeman He stopped the group on the road. She, Kesken, was alone transsexual, They started calling himBitch”, They took him to catch him. In Police Station SDRThey kept him in a separate room. ,I was touched everywhere, they hit me stick in the face. A cop took me to the bathroom. He filled a dirty garbage bag with water. He hit me in the back. One rubbed me on the floor. Blood. I he broke his nose, they touched me they told me they apologize, I refused, I screamed. He had done nothing. He only let me go when I apologized,” Kesken explains sobbing, searching every word in a background he doesn’t want to see again, until recently, still alive in his head.

“Since then I have I’m scared when I go out, I can’t walk alone. i go with one pepper spray in hand. If someone touches me, I tremble. I constantly watch my back. it’s too hard, It’s easy to say. My friends support me, says Kesken, but they will never understand how much I am suffering.

is kesken 25 yearsshe is beautiful, tall, a little shorter than a year ago changed sex And she’s one of the few Turkish transsexuals who’s lucky: Her family, she explains, cried, sadly, now they see her as a stranger, but His mother no longer calls him a son but a daughter., Her nephew, aunt, and she is proud. “I love my country, turkey, I respect him. But this society rejects us. It’s so hard to live in your own country as if you were a refugee”, says Kesken, who assures that everything that happens is to blame. government, which directs the society where it wants. And they, transsexuals—also homosexuals– Pay the result.

change of course

everything started to change in 2016, Until that year, every June, Istanbul wore rainbow robes to celebrate. pride monthand the executive of the President of Turkey, Risp Tayip ErdoganThe world was shown as a government Orthodox and Islamicyes but tolerant,

That year, however, Erdogan’s party declared itself a . affiliated with ultranationalist formation, Repression against opponents and opponents raised; space for public complaint It started shrinking.

That coalition continues, and where a few decades ago Erdogan said homosexuals had the same rights as everyone else, now his government talks about them. “Terrorist”, “immoral” and “rotten”. A few days ago the Turkish Interior Minister complained that Western embassies were trying to “Take Off Our Gender and Be LGBT”,

“In this country, if no one thinks like them, they are terrorists. For the love of God. where is terrorism fight for equality between people, Somebody explain to me! & rdquo ;, they say ECEA transsexual in his fifties devoted to wrestling protection of rights of transsexuals in Turkey.

“we are cut” access to work, All the doors are closed for us, and most of us have an end prostitute herself against our will. I was forced to do so. I’ve been on the road four years, I had to do it. I had to survive. I sold my body to survive”, Eis explains.

without option

Kesken, she says, is what she is forced to do: She works escort even though he has studiesThose who have taken job courses, who have knocked on all possible doors. They are all close to his face.

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“It’s very difficult for us to get a normal job because we’re transsexual, and that’s something that can be seen. It causes problems.” a society in which we are not acceptedin which, as I say, we are refugees, and where we are always in touch Abuse, And if any problem arises, we will always be responsible for what happened before the police. we are always lower In the eyes of society. This, of course, also happens to women, and not just transsexual women”, explains Kesken.

“Ultimately, my only goal is it in my identity card K of Kadini ,woman In Turkey). this is my dream, and marry the man who loves me, It’s the only thing I want”, says Kesken.

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