Tragedy in Barrio Obrero: fire caused by candles claims lives of two older adults


Two older adults were killed last night after a fire broke out on William Villa Street in Villa Palmares de Barrio Obrero in San Juan.

fire Department He told through his social network that the fire affected two houses, the incidents were reported around 11:44 am.

State Fire Marshal Abelardo Pérez arrived at the scene to assess the damage and, later, initially concluded that the fire was the cause. “Unfortunate Event Accidental by Candles”,

According to a report by firefighters and policemanAfter dousing the fire, they found the body of a 72-year-old man who died on the spot. His identity has not been disclosed yet.

Meanwhile, the fire department indicated that the two women were taken to the Rio Piedras Medical Center.

Asturiana Rivera, 93, later died in hospital, according to police.

According to the press office of the police headquarters, the deceased belonged to the family, but their ties are unknown.

Meanwhile, the 65-year-old second injured woman was evaluated by doctors, who classified her condition as “cautious”.

This media is waiting for the fire department to specify details of the relationship between the injured parties and the circumstances of the incidents.

Barrio Obrero Precinct’s agent Castro, along with prosecutor Alberto Cuevas, personnel from the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps and the Department of Explosives, took charge of the investigation.

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