Towards a more electric and sustainable future


President of the Schneider Electric Zone for Mexico and Central America

Today, we find ourselves at a critical moment for the future of humanity in which we must accelerate our actions to implement plans that allow us to reduce our environmental impact.

According to the “United Nations Environment Programme”, it is projected that by 2050 the world’s population will increase to about nine billion, with energy production expected to increase by 50 percent. approx, which will lead to an increase in carbon emissions.

At Schneider Electric we are convinced that a more electric and digital world is the key to addressing the climate challenge, enabling a sustainable and resilient future.

Electricity is the most efficient energy and the best decarbonization vector, and with digital innovation it unlocks enormous potential to eliminate energy waste and reduce carbon emissions, of which over 80 percent is due to production and electricity consumption. it happens.

However, the question arises: how can we achieve this transformation more quickly?

The answer lies in fostering the convergence between electric and digital, which allows us to take advantage of the advancement of technology and the Internet of Things, generating a new energy revolution as we have seen over the past 200 years, We call this convergence between Electricity and Digital Electricity 4.0.

The concept involves a series of changes that combine the best of both worlds to positively impact people, the economy and above all, the planet.

For example, electricity has been shown to be three to five times more efficient than other energy sources, making it more environmentally friendly; By combining this with the data and information that digital tools allow us to know, we obtain an intelligent, measurable source of energy that helps us make better management decisions, thereby making the invisible visible.

For this reason, at Schneider Electric we aim to implement Electricity 4.0 into people’s daily lives through our systems, software and services, fostering the new electrical world in homes, buildings, data centers, industries, infrastructure and networks. For a more sustainable, resilient and efficient future.

As we are able to implement new systems in our day-to-day activities that allow us to make better energy management decisions, greater digitization and modernization of the electricity grid will be promoted and hence, we move to a new digital The world will move faster.

It took more than 70 years to electrify mature economies.

Electricity 4.0 will shape a zero-carbon future very rapidly.

Therefore, it is important to highlight the value of the industrial transformation scenarios promoted by Mexico, a technical exhibition to be held in the Hanover Messe, Mexico and Latin America from October 5 to 7 in Poliforum León, Guanajuato, which has allowed us to show that How our offering of digital solutions is changing the world in a close, affordable way that seeks to make the most of our energy and resources for everyone.

by jesus carmona

Schneider Electric’s region president for Mexico and Central America



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