Together, with a (temporary) majority in the Government, by La Vanguardia


Although the relationship between Junts and ERC is in permanent crisis, the ministers have tried to shield themselves from these ups and downs. In fact, usually each new crisis is the reason for some joke in the Consell Executiu. Until this week. For the first time in this legislature Junts had a majority against ERC in the Tàpies room (7 to 4). The president was on a trip to the US and four ministers were missing from the meeting (Jordà accompanied Aragonès, Garriga in San Sebastián, Alsina in Israel and Elena on leave). Jordi Puigneró acted as president but there was not a jocular comment about the correlation of forces. Outside, among the high officials, it was something else… “They have not lifted the DUI”, “the fort was protected”.

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