To Seville Hi Lac Gent, by Francesc-Marc lvaro


Seville has a special color, I have to come here to collect your business. Juanma Moreno Bonilla poses before the public prosecutor to see if the Catalan business community bites. In the same way as his counterpart in Madrid, the Andalusian president has put an end to the patriarchal pretense and tried to turn the measure into a space aimed at being loved by the economic elite of Barcelona and the surrounding regions. In addition, the deflation of personal income tax rates – also promoted by Palau di San Telmo – is intended to give courage to the individual taxpayer. “Here they have Service Terra”, declared to the satisfaction of the popular leader, Mantes’ seller and real estate appraiser, Maig Cami, who promised life’s plot.

The thing is so strange that it reminds me of a book by Fernando Vizcano Casas, autonomous, the neo-Francoist satire that can be republished avui mateix per Vox. What Moreno Bonilla gave, without argument, reveals the true and bad concept that he had of autogovernance and the Spanish state as a whole. Els Patriots seu estil preferrixen autonosuis dan autonomies. Res d’això is not accidental, clarify. Posent als Catalans day la service promotion i parlant d’independncies which explains one aspect, the Andalusian baro is now looking for two things: to reinvent itself to strategically exploit the regional conflict (remember that the PP sought a determination to challenge the 2006 statute. Against this they were “against Catalonia”) and seeks to create a divide between the Catalan patricians, who are known as the psychologically weak and opportunistic Trypijokes. Should be considered easy prey.


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The event that follows the ideological flag of the president of the community that represents more wealth than the rest of the autonomy is an audit. Cue Face Aquast Teatrate Tot Mirant a Catalunya—which contributes to the Caixa comuna espanyola molt mes del que rep—is an acudit dolantisim. That the context of the Senate remained a reference to the great economic crisis and the need to strengthen public services turned the joke into such bland content that not even the famous German lvarez Quintero could save it. I am sure that, tomorrow, soft users of the Renfe roadls are desirable to Malaga or Cordova to see if, impostos al marj, they can reach Alloc de Treball or d’Estudi without incident.

That moreno bonilla is direct theatrical total an acudit dolentissim watching Catalonia

The appraisers of Moreno Bonilla are the little eccentric or d’il lucos. Apart from the Autonomous Chairmen of the PP, who do not point to financial dumping, this trend will, of course, not come again in a LoC on Coloca Nez Feizu. A LOC in which, in the end, the numbers do not supply much. Salveau-Nos, our senior, considers Dales moderate. The Fomente del Trebol, through its chairman, has strongly opposed the board’s “proposal”, pointing out that it deserves to be subratal, as some areas of Spanish jurisdiction have trade agents with the Goverment d’erc i juntas. Small enthusiasm confuses. The admiration for a substitute that most Catalans (according to Kalash) ales produix is ​​a descriptive delusion. Josep Sánchez Libre both dropped the topic when popular leaders came to tell us that buffoons who are dedicated only to industry and commerce. Another is our internal debate over taxes, a function that is inevitably tainted by the fiscal deficit that is increasingly affecting Catalan society.

This episode, so bizarre, reminds us that Catalonia – abandoned and after procedures – is sac dels cops mas a mas and mas usable de qualsevol baro celtibrique am gens in order to preserve Cadira.

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