TikTok explains how the just-launched ‘dislike’ button will work around the world


TikTok constantly updates its interface To add new features that seek to improve the user experience on the social network. For this reason, after a long test phase, the Chinese platform has launched a new ‘dislike button’ And also told how it will work. Here we reveal all the details.

Although through my blog TikTok has already upgraded the deployment of this functionalitythis Friday, through official social networkThe Chinese app has revealed how the new option will work.

How will the ‘Dislike’ button work on TikTok?

TikTok has clarified that this button will not be used to rate videos published by the creators of the social network’s content, but will serve to express that any comment is not to our liking. That is, it will help identify comments that the public considers irrelevant and inappropriate.

Similarly, TikTok states that the total number of ‘dislikes’ a comment has made will not be shown, as only that person will be able to see the reaction they have just put up. Neither the author of the comment nor the users will be notified.

According to TikTok, it aims to improve the moderation of the platform, so it will be possible to avoid campaigns of harassment and organized attacks against the creators of content, by hiding the number of ‘I don’t like’ that a comment receives. social networks and all users.

This is how the ‘Dislike’ button of Tiktok will work. Photo: Captured on Twitter

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