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See Paraguay Vs. UAE live straight , The two teams will face each other this Friday, 23 September at 12:00 PM (Paraguay time). The international friendly match will be played at the Wiener Neustadt Stadium in Austria and will be broadcast by Tigo Sports Signal. Similarly, you will be able to follow it minute by minute and all today’s matches Through free online coverage which will be done by Sports Republic.

Transmission Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates Live

Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates

The end of the first time!

We go to rest. Paraguay is drawing a goalless draw against the Arab Emirates for an international friendly.

Minute 31: Yellow to Paraguay

Matias Galarza was reprimanded for a hard foul against a United Arab Emirates footballer.

Minute 28: How are you going to fail it?

In a quick transition from defense to attack, the United Arab Emirates nearly scored the first. Suhail was in the foot to open the scoring, but his shot went on the crossbar.

Minute 26: You Can’t Believe It!

A massive error in the UAE’s defence, Darlis Gonzalez took advantage of this mistake, who went hand-in-hand with goalkeeper Khalid Isa, but sent it over the crossbar.

Minute 24: UAE people claim penalty

A fallen player in Paraguayan territory. Albiroz brings a threat to the goal every time the opponent’s squad goes on the attack.

Minute 21: Albiroz very well

The UAE defenders, led by Guillermo Barros Sheloto, are getting very intense on attacking and applying a lot of pressure. The match so far has been good for the Paraguay team. Only the target is missing.

Minute 17: Great mid-distance shot

Arzamandia surprisingly appeared to detonate a bomb, but his shot went wide.

Minute 13: Very close to opening scoring

La Albirza arrived again, between Melgarejo and Durlis González as they consistently bring a threat to the UAE’s goal. On this occasion, Mlegrejo hit him, but his shot crashed into a rival defender.

Minute 10: He Already Deserves First

The most obvious opportunity for the Paraguayan team was at the feet of Darlis González, who took a brilliant shot and almost 1-0 in the match.

Minute 6: He knocks on the opponent’s door again

Melgarejo takes a powerful shot towards the goal, but it goes wide. Paraguay has been and continues to press for an exit from the United Arab Emirates.

Minute 4: Reply with all Emirates

With his most skilled player, Cayo Canado begins to upset the Paraguayan defense. The match started off strongly.

Minute 2: Paraguay’s first almost arrived

Darlis González had his first chance to score a first for the Guarani squad.

Let the match begin!

Paraguay Vs. UAE for an international friendly on FIFA date.

Confirmed alignment of Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates

so goes white haired: Fernandez; Ramirez, Balbuena, Gomez, Arzamandia, Almiron, Galarza, Melgarejo, Vilasanti, Enquiso and Gonzalez.


that’s how it goes United Arab Emirates: Aisa; Al Hammadi, Al Attas, Haikal, Al Dhanhani, Salmeen, Ramanda, Rashid, Abdullah, Canedo and Mabikhout.


welcome to preview

Good morning, dear readers of La Repubblica Deportes. On this occasion he will join us to maintain the friendship between Paraguay vs Paraguay. United Arab Emirates.

Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates: match sheet

Matchbox Paraguay Vs. Arab Emirates
When do they play? Friday 23 September
At what time? 11:00 am (Peru), 12:00 pm (Paraguay)
where? Wiener Neustadt Stadium
on which channel? Tigo Sports

Paraguay Vs. UAE: How did they get there?

interesting exam. Paraguay is preparing well for the next qualifier, so under the orders of Guillermo Barros Shellotto, Looking forward to a return to the World Cup after 16 years, Argentine strategists have been making a number of friendly appearances to define the base of their squad.

La Albirza are already in the European zone to play their match against the United Arab Emirates and are looking to win at the current FIFA date.

For their part, Emirati team Qatar stayed close to 2022 – they fell to Australia in the Asian playoffs – and are expected to seek their revenge in the following qualifiers. For the match against the South Americans, the group took command Rodolfo Aruaberrena Called with some news.

Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates: possible alignment

Paraguay: Anthony Silva; Iván Ramírez, Gustavo Gómez, Jr. Alonso, Santiago Arzamandia, Mathias Vilasanti Diego Gómez, Lorenzo Melgarejo, Miguel Almiron and Julio Enquiso; Darlis Gonzalez. DT: Guillermo Barros Shellotto.

United Arab Emirates: Khalid Isa, Walid Abbas, Kalifa Al Hammadi, Mohammed Al Attas, Khalid Ibrahim, Ali Salmeen, Abdullah Hamad, Abdullah Ramzan, Hareb Abdullah, Caio Canedo, Ali Mabkhout. DT: Rodolfo Aruaberena.

Paraguay vs United Arab Emirates at what time live?

international friendly between Paraguay Vs. United Arab Emirates Live It will take place this Friday, 23 September at the Videna facilities from 11:00am (Paraguay time).

  • Paraguay: 12.00 noon
  • Peru: at 11.00 am.
  • Colombia: 11.00 a.m.
  • Ecuador: at 11.00 am.
  • Bolivia: 12.00 noon
  • Venezuela: 12.00 noon
  • Chile: 1.00 pm.
  • Brazil: 1.00 pm
  • Uruguay: 1.00 pm.
  • Argentina: 1.00 pm.

Where to watch Paraguay vs Paraguay match online? Arab Emirates?

meeting between Paraguay Vs. Arab Emirates It will be broadcast by Tigo Sports Signal, a channel that owns the rights to the matches of the Paraguayan national team.

Which channel is Tigo Sports?

  • Tigo Star: Channels 507 (SD) and 1507 (HD)
  • Sur Multimedia: Channels 15 (Analog), 107 (Digital) and 709 (HD)
  • TV Cable Connection: Channel 24 (Analog)
  • Mi Cable: Channels 25 (Analog), 103 (Digital) and 711 (HD).

Where to watch Paraguay vs Paraguay match online? Arab Emirates?

online broadcast of engagement Paraguay Vs. Arab Emirates This will go through the Tigo Sports Paraguay app. Another option to watch all match events live online for free is to visit the website of La Repubblica Deportes.

Where will Paraguay vs. Arab Emirates?

International friendly Paraguay Vs. Arab Emirates will stage Wiener Neustadt Stadium, Located in the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt. The venue was inaugurated on May 19, 1955 and has a capacity to hold over 4,000 spectators.

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