This is the main treatment to do after summer


Hair don’t enjoy Heat As much as us is that the mane of woman It is also affected by the chlorine present in heat, salty sea water and even swimming pool water. This is why once autumn begins, we must turn to various treatments to repair the damage and get back the natural shine of the hair. So today we will tell you which is the best treatment that you can go for.

According to experts, a shine bath for hair is the key to repairing damaged and lifeless hair during hair fall. Heat, It is a delicate method for hair care that contains a specific product. It’s called Shinefinity and belongs to the Wella brand, which provides radiance and transforms the shade of the scalp.

As a result, if we want to care Hair We must choose this option that does not contain ammonia and penetrates into their structure without harming the hair. Experts say it has longer durability and doesn’t attack the hair fiber, while providing a deep treatment that will continue to be attested after multiple washes through the shine provided by the Wella product.

We are talking about the appropriate treatment for all womanHowever, people with thin and dull hair have an advantage where it will work on the outer structures of the hair, making the pigment last longer and giving it the best color you have seen over time. Along the same lines, it will seal the cuticle and improve the quality of the follicle.

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Even experts recommend applying this treatment Heat Because to hide gray hair, it will be necessary to replace them Hair White in highlights, shading the color and adding shine to the hair with natural or artificial dyes. As a result, developing this process woman You’ll look younger in the fall, plus your scalp will be denser.

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