This is how the benches voted in the censorship of the Minister of the Interior, Willy Huerta


This Friday, September 23, the plenary session of Congress rejected censorship filed against the Minister of the Interior, willy orchardfor the changes he made within the National Police of Peru and in relation to President Pedro Castillo’s complaint against Colonel Harvey Colchado, who is investigating the presidential entourage.

The request did not reach the minimum 66 votes required for it to be approved. He only obtained 55 seats, mostly from Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular and Avanza País. On the contrary, 38 congressmen voted against and 10 abstained. In total, 103 parliamentarians participated.

Political party members A favor Against Abtentions
People’s Force 24 22 0 0
Free Peru sixteen 0 fifteen 0
People’s Action 14 5 3 3
Alliance for Progress 9 7 0 0
Magisterial Block 10 0 6 0
People’s Renewal 9 6 0 0
Country advances 9 7 0 0
Democratic Peru 6 0 two 0
Can 6 1 0 5
Integrity and Development 6 4 two 0
We are Peru 5 1 0 0
Democratic Change 5 0 3 two
Peru Bicentennial 5 0 5 0
not grouped 6 two two 0
Total 103 55 38 10

In the debate, the opposition accused the ruling party of shielding the president peter castle of corruption investigations. On the contrary, Peru Libre and those close to it stated that the right wanted to sabotage the citizen security.

“Censorship is political control by Congress. Censoring a minister is a wake-up call to President Pedro Castillo because he is not doing things right,” said Renovación spokesman Jorge Montoya, in the face of criticism from a sector of the Legislature for motivating a new censorship in the Castillo government.

“They are worried about boycotting a legitimate government. A few weeks ago they censored the Minister of Transport and Communications (…) We must reflect that the one who loses with the censorship of Minister Huerta is the citizenry and the one who wins is the underworld, ”Pasión Dávila responded from Peru Libre.

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