This is 500 Euros of assistance that you can request on your way out of unemployment


public assistance They have become a very important factor in the lives of many people, especially with the rise in prices due to the war in Ukraine. While many families try to deal with this difficult financial situation every day, State Public Employment Service (SEPE) Provides grants that can help them.

it is a matter Unemployment, an aid that may be necessary for the survival of many. However, this assistance may end and may resort to other extraordinary subsidies such as Active Entry Income (RAI) may be the solution.

What is Active Investment Income and who can apply for it

This SEPE payment, the amount of which 463.21 Euro per month According to the 80% of the Multiple Effects Public Income Tax (IPREM) in 2022, it can serve as a monetary aid when the strike ends. Despite this, not all unemployed people can access this help: only those who citizens over 45 years of age and in a situation Unemployment RAI is entitled to collect.

To request it, the user must demonstrate a monthly income reduction, which cannot exceed 75% of the minimum interprofessional wage (750 Euros). These are the people who can get RAI:

  • Unemployed for more than 45 years

  • Returned migrants above 45 years of age

  • victims of gender or domestic violence

  • People with disabilities equal to or more than 33%

In addition to belonging to one of these four groups detailed by SEPE, you must also meet some general requirements to apply for this assistance:

  • be under 65 years of age

  • Your own income does not exceed 750 euros per month (75% of the minimum wage in 2022)

  • that the sum of the monthly income received by all members of your family unit, divided by the number of members, does not exceed €750 per month per member

  • Not being a beneficiary of the last three active investment income programs

In addition to these requirements, the unemployed person must be registered job seeker And stay that way as long as you continue to collect RAI. This benefit can be availed for a maximum period of 11 months and can be requested only three times. Payment is usually made on the 10th of every month.

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