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Drew Barrymore has been a familiar face on screens big and small for more than three decades, but now the celebrity is hoping to appear on a different stage: her kitchen. by barrymore Beautiful kitchen utensils. The brand, which launched last year, has become known for appliances that are a sight to behold on the countertop, as opposed to something you’ll want to hide away in a cupboard.

So much is true for the Beautiful 9-Quart Tri-Zone Air Fryer, which hit stores in time for last year’s holiday season and sold out in less than 24 hours. The White Icing color scheme is a fan favorite, but the fryer is also available in sleek Black Sesame and Sage Green for $139 direct from the brand or at walmart.

With all the hype surrounding this fryer, we decided to see how it compares to the myriad other fryers we’ve tried. Read on for a full breakdown of its performance, struggles, and who the Beautiful Tri-Zone Air Fryer might be best suited for.

Despite a sturdy build and interesting concept, the Beautiful Tri-Zone Air Fryer’s inconsistent touch controls were too much of an issue to recommend.

Feature an eye-catching design

The unique design of the Beautiful three zone air fryer allows you to easily choose between cooking a single item or two separately, thanks to a basket design that can be divided into two by a removable divider.

Alex Rennie/CNN

Out of the box, I was initially impressed with the overall appearance of the Beautiful three zone air fryer. Although it’s a bit bulky (you’ll need 11 inches by 15 inches of counter space, about the size of a small toaster oven), its sage green color would be a refreshing addition to any kitchen, especially if you’re tired of black or steel appliances. stainless. The backlit display controls are easy on the eyes and add a luxurious feel to the entire unit.

On paper, the ability to cook two separate items at the same time is convenient and time-saving: No one wants their food to cool down while waiting for a second course to cook, but unfortunately this air fryer doesn’t do that well.

In terms of performance, the Beautiful three zone air fryer produced great results during my tests. It was able to cook frozen fries well and, along with my frozen shrimp, created a light and crispy crust. The brussels sprouts I cooked also came out moist and crisp, even when I used the three-zone feature to cook them simultaneously with an order of shrimp. The large 9-quart basket can also easily accommodate a large item like a chicken or roast, making it a useful option for those planning to cook for multiple people. I also appreciated how easy the nonstick components were to clean in my sink, and if you have a dishwasher, they’ll be safe in there too.

Alex Rennie/CNN

Although the Beautiful three zone air fryer it ultimately produced crispy, evenly cooked food: I tried all three cooking zones with French fries, breaded shrimp, and Brussels sprouts; It wasn’t as convenient or as simple as I would have liked, especially compared to the deep fryers I’ve tried before. In addition to the control panel issues I’ll mention later, the two-handle basket was a bit bulky and awkward to use when using a single section. I’m sure its 9-quart size will be convenient for cooking larger items like a whole chicken, but the large basket and its dual-handle design lack the mobility and control that come with smaller single-handle options. Being able to scoop, shake, and empty cooked food with one hand is one of the most convenient features of an air fryer, and a big reason I’m such a fan of one-basket fryers like the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer or Dash Tasty-Crunchy.

The Beautiful three zone air fryer it was simple and straightforward to program, especially considering the relatively challenging three-zone setup. (I personally tried numerous air fryers that were more complicated to program than this one, and only had one basket to worry about.)

Unfortunately, the touch-sensitive controls, while beautifully presented, simply weren’t responsive enough to be used effectively. While there were times when the buttons responded correctly, most of the time they required two or three tries to register my touch, and sometimes they needed dozens of presses to work. If you were cooking dinner for your family, or just not a very patient person, this could be very frustrating.

Although there were some aspects of this fryer that were well made and designed, the ease of use of the control panel and the inconvenience of the two-handle basket make this fryer difficult to recommend.

That said, these button issues may have been present on my specific model, and if you know you’ll be cooking large items frequently and will be able to take advantage of the large size most of the time, this fryer might be worth a look.


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