They see that the loss in the afors will be reduced


Moody’s Local It assumes that the capital losses registered by the administrators of the retirement fund (aphores) dimmed by the end of 2022, but warns about 2023 with a mark of uncertainty.

On a 12-month basis from August 2021 to the same month of 2022, the firm reported a reduction in accumulated capital gains, known as capital losses, to 195 billion pesos, about 8 percent of accumulated capital gains.

In a study on Affords, he explained that losses come from price corrections in variable income instruments and valuation effects in both local and international debt instruments.

He stressed that low uncertainty will be critical to the outperformance of retirement funds in 2023, so the level of slowdown in the country’s economic growth, as well as effectiveness in controlling inflation, will be critical over the next 12 months.

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for its part, National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services ,Condusef), reported that, from January to July 2022, it had received 4,408 claims against Aforce.

Principal, PensionISSSTE and Invercap reported the most disagreement, with unanswered processing requests being the biggest complaints.


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