“They said the center ran the captain’s government”: PM takes aim at Gandhis in Punjab


Punjab Assembly elections 2022: Punjab needs a government that takes security seriously, PM Modi said


Prime Minister Narendra Modi stormed Congress today while campaigning in Punjab, accusing the party of “humiliating Captain Amarinder Singh” after trying to obstruct his government and run it remotely.

Prime Minister Modi referred to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s comments about Amarinder Singh’s government being “run by remote control” by the central government in Delhi.

“They said we don’t want Delhi to run the Captain’s government. This means Congress governments are remotely run by a family, not by the constitution,” he told a rally in Jalandhar.

“If the Captain worked with the central government, then he didn’t follow the principle of federalism according to the constitution? The Congress leaders say that the Captain did not listen to us but to the central government. They kept obstructing the Punjab government and finally expelled the Captain”. .”

Congress is “paying for its misdeeds” now, the prime minister said.

“Look at the state of Congress. Your own party is falling apart. Your own leaders are exposing you. A party with so much infighting, can it give Punjab a stable government?” PM Modi questioned.

Punjab will vote on Sunday for a new government.

Prime Minister Modi launched a new slogan for his party’s campaign: “ship Punjab, BJP of naal, ship Punjab, no team of naal. (New Punjab with the BJP, new Punjab with a new team).

The prime minister was on his way to his first rally in Punjab since last month’s security breach, when he was forced to spend 20 minutes on a flyover on his way to a rally due to a blockade by agricultural protesters.

“I wanted to visit Devi Ka Talab, but the Punjab police said they cannot allow it due to security. This is the security condition in Punjab,” Prime Minister Modi said.


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