They present reconsideration to re-vote the censorship of Minister Willy Huerta


Given the failure of Fujimorism and its allies in their attempt to censor the Interior Minister, willy orchard – they did not reach the necessary 66 votes in plenary -, the spokeswoman for Avanza País, Adriana Tudela, presented a reconsideration of this vote. With this, the Congress must vote again in the next plenary session the request to dismiss the Minister of the Interior.

Minutes before formalizing the reconsideration, Tudela regretted that the Congress has not censored Huerta. The minister, he stressed, should be sanctioned because the government removed the coordinator of the Special Team of the National Police, Harvey Colchadoand, in a matter of hours, replaced him in his position. For Tudela there is a policy of obstruction of justice directed from the Palace and overlooked by Huerta.

In addition to the spokesperson for Country advancesanother parliamentarian who announced to present a reconsideration is Jorge Montoyaof People’s Renewal. For Montoya, “it left a bad taste, because Huerta deserved the censorship”. “It seems that many colleagues are convinced of this issue, the matter is quite serious, abuse of power cannot be allowed,” he told Exitosa. However, at the close of this note, Montoya had not yet sent his request to the Mayor’s Office of Congress.

Vote of censure against Willy Huerta. The opposition did not reach 66 votes. Photo: Congress

Against all odds, Parliament was unable to censure Huerta. It was planned that benches like We are Peru Y People’s Action vote in favor of the motion. However, there was a turn in the voting that allowed the Minister of the Interior to get away with it. The plenary only reached 55 votes in favor, 38 opposed and 10 abstained. The regulation of the Congress requires 66 votes to specify a censorship.

In Somos Perú, only one congressman attended the plenary session. The other members of the bench were missing. In People’s Actionthe faction of “The Children” did not support the request. And in We can Peru only one parliamentarian voted in favor and the others abstained. To this is added that Peru Libre closed ranks against censorship. Due to these divisions and changing positions, Huerta continues in office.

The reconsideration of Avanza País

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