‘They paint coarse in Moscow’, by Ramón from Spain


It gives the impression that Vladimir Valdimirovich Putin he’s getting shot in the butt with his conquest of Ukraine. The man believed that the Russian army would be planted in kyiv in a couple of weeks and we are already going for seven months of a war that, for the moment, does not look too good for the attacker. Faced with such an annoying situation, Putin takes some measures that are not to the liking of anyone: he proceeds to recruit reservistsbut you have to hold on street protests and that the population flees to herds in the direction of Finland; carries out a prisoner exchange with the Ukraine and the most radical of his own are bounced back because the supposed Nazis of the Azov battalion had to be returned home (not to mention that the whole maneuver seems aimed at obtain the release of a friend of Vladimir, the pro-Russian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuckhappy father of a girl whose godfather is, bingo! Vladimir Vladimirovich); organize some referendums of petticoat in the areas of Ukraine occupied by the Russians, but no one takes them seriously because they sound like a cacicada and a riot…

Putin is beginning to make a international ridicule when what he wanted was to square us all, spare us the gas and restore to his country the condition of great power that it had in the times of the USSR. He may have always been a ridiculous fellow, with that kind of church-blessed Stalinist tsarism he pulled out of his sleeve a while ago, but until now it wasn’t so obvious. If he ends up assuming that it is, it can leave us for nuclear petenerasWell, it is already known that those people who lack the most elementary sense of humor and who fix everything the rough way, whether by invading the next country or throwing whoever is put on edge out of the window, are capable of the greatest nonsense.

Until now, Vladimir Vladimirovich has refrained from tightening the nuclear buttonwhich is what the body asks of it, but it would not be surprising that one of these days it hits him somewhere, unless first he is eliminated by those who he considers his most loyal servants, which is not only possible, but also customary. happen in these cases: one thing is to start a second cold war in which you show your teeth and try to scare the enemy and another is to get involved in nuclear flour, which would force the United States to take serious action on the matter, with consequences unpredictable, but not very flattering for anyone.

I want to believe that the invasion of the Ukraine will constitute what the Anglo-Saxons describe A blessing in disguise. That is, it can hasten the end of Putin as soon as an improvised coalition of oligarchs and the military reaches the conclusion that he has to be removed, which is what he does with everyone who bothers him. Already put, I like to think that the poor girl who was murdered in Iranfor wearing the veil wrong It could be the fuse that makes the bomb of indignation explode from the inhabitants of that country who do not share the medieval craziness shared by all its leaders. In both cases, signs of a possible cycle change. And also in both cases, power opts for repressionsomething that was enough until recently and now seems to be insufficient and ineffective. Iran does not need nuclear weapons to control the situation, since it is enough for it to kill the demonstrators with traditional weapons. Russia has already seen that with traditional weapons there is no way to break the Ukrainians (not to mention the problems it has in other areas of its immense and not always controllable borders: Putin will have to end up recruiting children and the elderly) .

As they say in Catalonia, Vladímir Vladimirovich gives the impression of having wanted to stretch his arm more than his sleeve. and the adoption of Desperate measures It is a clear sign that they paint coarse. His agony may last for some time, but I want to believe that we will eventually get rid of him and that the stupid invasion of Ukraine It will have been that blessing in disguise that English speakers speak of. As it is said in these cases, Wait and see. And let’s trust that the delusions becomes a reality, for the good of Ukraine, Russia and the whole world.

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