They Maxtropoly 2022. Let’s rethink the future of construction


Architects, urban planners, designers and professionals from the construction industry will meet in the new edition of the Architecture Festival and Mextropolis City 2022Which will take place from 21 to 25 September to promote a different vision of cities.

mextropolis It is the most important event of architecture and urbanism. Latin AmericaOrganized in partnership with the Spanish government and Arquine magazine, which will host dozens of round tables in 2022 Dialogues, Exhibitions and Workshops focused on discussing important issues for the future of urbanization,

In particular, the challenges facing the construction industry in the post-pandemic context have become the focus of this ninth edition, which includes discussions on topics such as the redesign of public spaces and building from sustainable materials.

To talk about this, Shigeru Ban, 2014 Pritzker Prize winner and ambassador for the New European Bauhaus will be present; Ana Fallu, winner of the XII Ibero-American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism; Tatiana Bilbao, winner of the Richard Neutra Award 2022, whose works have set the standard in sustainable projects such as the ESTOA building at the University of Monterey, winner of the 2021 Cemex Works Award in the Sustainable Building category; As well as Loretta Castro, founder of Taller Capital and recipient of the Marcelo Zambrano Scholarship provided by Chemex.

Energy and emissions reduction

It should be noted that the above construction company, of royal birth, is one of 75 affiliates of the festival, in which it will participate in presenting its latest advances in the manufacture of eco-friendly materials, such as its low-carbon cement and concrete . Carbon; As well as innovation in its operations to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of environmentally friendly energy such as wind power or energy recycling, which has put it at the forefront of reducing emissions and is one of the greats of the avant-garde architects in Mexico. hired as an associate. and the world, who have placed sustainability at the center of their projects.

Mextropoli plans to gather more than 80 thousand visitors in various locations in Mexico City, of which Alameda Central stands out, where a temporary and free pavilion will be built from recyclable materials, with which it will help citizens and architecture. Attempts to trace the conversation between public.

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