They file a constitutional complaint against Patricia Chirinos for disqualification for 10 years


Popular Action Congressman, Elvis Vergara, has filed a constitutional complaint against the MP for Avanza Pais, Patricia Chirinos, before the Subcommittee on Constitutional Charges (SAC), which seeks to disqualify him from exercising public office for 10 years.

The complaint against the MP is based on alleged breach of electoral neutrality. According to the official letter, Chirinos Vengas may have violated Articles 31, 38 and 45 of the Peruvian Constitution, as well as Articles 356 and 400 of the Penal Code.

“On 15 September, MP Hamlet Echevería Rodriguez informed the plenary session of Congress of a video, where it has been verified that Patricia Chirrinos is campaigning in favor of the mayor’s candidate for Venegas Ventanilla, (…) who is competing in these regional and municipal elections by Avanza Pace in 2022 (…). In addition, the defendant expressed his support for Mr. Cluber Aliga Lodtmann, for the same political party as the defendant (.. .) is underway,” the document reads.

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