They criticize Misia but for the travelers to ensure that North and East Lima are not tourist areas.


misia but travelerthe vlog of Daniela Cabrera You Fatima Sotomayor, controversy arose again. On this occasion, the content creators assured in a recent video youtube He north lima You East Lima They are not sights; He was severely criticized for this statement social network,

The influencers created a video to show how attractive the capital is for visitors to have a virtual guide. However, he focused Miraflores, lima fence You Sewerand pointed out that other areas of the city were not places where tourism was conducted.

“Both (Lima Norte and Lima Este) are highly populated areas, where more than 50% of Lima’s population lives. There is a lot of movement, traffic and commerce in these areas. We always joke with Fatima and we say it looks like cairo in egypt, But these areas are not tourists, People just live here, they have their own daily lives and that’s it,” Cabrera said.

via TwitterHundreds of netizens criticized youtubers. He also said that both are very ignorant about Lima. He mentioned, “A little googling for the misias but the passengers didn’t hurt them”.

On the other hand, there were those who defended him and had similar opinions. “Coma is not tourist nor SJL(…)”, “It’s true. Where’s the lie”, said some.

So far, Daniela Cabrera and Fatima Sotomayor haven’t spoken about it.

Netizens debated the misias but the video of the passengers. Photo: LR Composition/Twitter Capture

Netizens debated the misias but the video of the passengers. Photo: LR Composition/Twitter Capture

Netizens debated the misias but the video of the passengers. Photo: LR Composition/Twitter Capture

Who are the passengers other than Misia?

Daniela Cabrera and Fatima Sotomayor are two great friends who decided to found together the blog “Misius Pero Viajeras” in 2016 with the aim of sharing their experiences and advice on traveling all over Peru so that their virtual community can save money and Without missing out on where to go, the success of his channel was so great that he even created content from abroad.

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Who Is Sneaker Expert TikToker George Rubin, Who Revealed Celebrities Wearing ‘Fake’ Shoes?

A few days ago, a short clip of Melissa Klug’s daughter Samahara Lobton went viral on social networks When he announced that he had spent 40,000 soles on a children’s party. At first, the influencer replied to argue that he didn’t need to buy fake shoes, as George Rubin claimed. Although Lobaton Klug’s response gave much to talk about, Netizens have their eyes on this new sneaker expert.

This is a young Peruvian who started uploading his content on his official TikTok account (notorious Jorge_) in 2020. Since its inception, S Joven has offered sneaker content from reviews, tips, release dates or just a few clips, showcasing your collection of exclusive pairings. ,

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Women say goodbye to their friend by performing a cajon dance to the song of reggaeton

In Colombia, the latter is evidenced by a recent TikTok viral in which several women can be seen saying goodbye to one of their closest friends.

This is a clip uploaded by user @domenicademera700, which recorded six friends carrying the deceased woman’s coffin with total coordination as relatives moved it from side to side to the sound of music.

To everyone’s surprise, despite having tears in the eyes of the women, they chose to dance to the song of reggaeton. Even in the video you can see some attendees throwing beer in the drawer.

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Tourists found homeless dog during their trip to Peru, adopted and now lives in Spain

Happy Ending! It’s normal to take a few minutes to caress people the animals that unfortunately live on the streets, because they were left to their fate. However, there are some who decide to provide them with a better life in the new home. As in an emotional case that was shared in TIC TocWho stole the hearts of thousands.

A few years ago, some tourists of Spanish nationality came to our country to visit various symbolic sites. While walking around the city of Cusco, he found a small dog.

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Youtuber Traveleras show ‘class’ Misias but traveler and tourist destinations in northern Lima

influencers in recent times Fatima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera The declaring that there were no tourist destinations in eastern Lima and northern Lima caused a major controversy. They also came to compare these areas with less visited places in Cairo, Egypt.

It did not take long for these statements to be criticized by the villagers and another group. youtuber, as in the case of Traveleras. Along these lines, he showed netizens the amusing places found in these places in the capital of Lima. As the publication’s caption accompanied the question “How is it that Lima Este and Lima Norte don’t know anything?”, the young women began the clip that drew applause from netizens on social networks.

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