These are the few known reasons that cause dark circles on the lower eyelids


Our eyes resulting in two essential parts for the beauty of the face, to the point of having the widest range of makeup for this region of the face. However, the beauty will be obsolete in the presence of baggy eyes on the lower eyelids. Given this, we will tell you characteristics are the most common but few known reasons (besides fatigue), which will generate this type of marks.

According to specialists, the baggy eyes they not only mark our face after a bad night. In fact, there are several types of dark circles, each linked to different reasons. Although they can be covered with makeup, it is best to treat them from the root by understanding where they come from. Although the truth is also that in some cases dark circles cannot be prevented.

The baggy eyes are defined as an idiopathic hyperchromia of the orbital ring, that is, grayish, purple or blue colorations located under the eyes. The skin that covers the eyes is thinner than the rest, so it reacts quickly to any stimulus. Also, the thinness of the skin allows the blood vessels to show through. In this context, we will tell you properties are the main reasons from which dark circles are formed and affect natural beauty.

First of all, the gradual advancement of age can begin to cause the appearance of these marks in the eyes. They are easily recognizable because they look sunken and spread out to the sides. They are usually accompanied by wrinkles at the end of the eye, better known as crow’s feet. According to experts, they occur because fat tissue is lost and the skin becomes thinner.

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While the allergy will also threaten the beauty from our eyes. White blood cells release histamine during allergic reactions. Histamine is a substance that plays a key role in the immune system and its secretion ultimately triggers various effects, such as itching, vomiting, difficulty breathing and skin eruption of blood vessels, triggering baggy eyes.

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