These Are the Cheapest European Cities for Colombians


Despite the fact that Europe is a highly coveted destination for Colombians looking to work or tour abroad, the continent can be quite expensive for its visitors’ pockets.

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However, there are many cheaper options with more favorable and comfortable financial conditions that are convenient for saving.

As per latest magazine ranking time up These are the cheapest cities to live in.

Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Is the cost of living Cheaper than half of Eastern European cities.

It is estimated that a person’s monthly cost can be 983 Bosnia-Herzegovina points, i.e. around two million Colombian pesos. This calculation does not take into account income, which is exactly 35% lower than in Bogota. It stands out for its greater cultural and religious diversity.

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Krakow (Poland)

The city is 11% cheaper than that country’s capital, Warsaw. According to ranking estimates, it is 48% cheaper than other cities in Eastern Europe.

The average monthly cost of a person is 2.4 million Colombian pesos, which is equivalent to 2,597 zloty (Polish currency). Its low prices in food, accommodation, services and transportation are different.

Budapest, Hungary)

Its cost of living is the lowest among most such listings in Europe.

monthly expenses in Budapest They can reach up to 218,400 Hungarian forint, i.e. 2.3 million Colombian pesos.

Prague, Czech Republic)

The magazine’s calculations estimate that the city is cheaper than 69% of the world’s cities.

The average monthly expenditure per capital is 16,700 Czech crowns, approximately 2.9 million Colombian pesos.

Along with being cheap, it is also known for its historical sites and museums.

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Porto (Portugal)

The city to close this list is port whose cost of living is less than 89% of Western European cities, and one of the cheapest 65% in the world.

Monthly expenses can reach 572 euros (2.4 million Colombian pesos), without counting rent payments.

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