These are the areas of Spain that will be affected by the arrival of the tropical cyclone


During the past few days, Atlantic cyclone activity has been increasing to give way to a difficult situation, with one tropical storm, one hurricane and three developing systems. now him United States National Hurricane Center (NHC) warns of the arrival of a tropical waveLocated off the coast of Cape Verde, it is expected to reach some areas of Spain in the form of a cyclone in the coming days.

As explained by the experts of the State Meteorological Agency (amete), NHC has raised the possibility of formation of tropical cyclone 70% for the next 48 hours. “A tropical depression is likely to form over the weekend, as it moves north,” he explained to the US agency that monitors and forecasts cyclone activity.

Although it is not unusual for these waves to travel this way, the likelihood of it developing into a tropical cyclone is unusual. The reason for this peculiar development is due to the presence of a cold ocean current The general presence of dry air around the African coast in the south and off the Sahara, which inhibits convection.

But which areas in Spain will be affected by the arrival of this potential tropical cyclone? And what could its outlook mean on our country’s shores?

areas affected by tropical cyclones

In the first days of this week, this tropical wave, which may become a cyclone in the next few hours, will lie to the southwest of the Canary Islands. However, there is a low probability, below 20%, that the potential system will reach the Canary Islands as a tropical cyclone.

As explained by Juan Jesus González Aleman, AEMET meteorologist, there will be “broad, intense and abundant rain” In most of the Canary Islands. As he explained, these would be associated with rain. East (Preceding Rain Event) that “it is already certain that this will be due to the interaction of the system (cyclonic or not) with the extra-tropical trough and the force it brings.”

ERP is derived from the moisture and dynamic force generated by the associated tropical storm or hurricane. Thus, these rains would be associated with the tropical cyclone, but not part of it or its circulation.

Rain and strong winds in Canary Islands

For now, the most likely situation is that the system shuts off its circulation during Friday, becoming a tropical depressionAnd during the weekend it will start moving north, intensifying the process and turning into a tropical storm.

If the predictions are met, then raincoat It is likely to affect Canary Islands on Saturday 24th and will gain intensity over the entire region on Sunday 25th. strong winds Which will particularly affect the western islands.

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