There were challenges but my only goal was to improve as a player: Washington Sundar


Washington Sundar He has had to endure five painful months out of the game due to a finger injury, but the lanky Tamil Nadu says he used the enforced layoff to improve as a cricketer as that was all he could control.

Washington missed the T20 World Cup but Ravichandran AshwinWhiteball’s disappointing show in white ball games and subsequent dismissal brought him back into the mix as he made his international comeback with a 3/30 against West Indies in the first ODI.

“There were a lot of challenges but I just wanted to do what I could to improve as a cricketer and as a human being. That’s all that’s in my control and that’s all I was focused on,” Washington said at Sunday’s postgame news conference.

Washington has understood in the last two years that there would be obstacles and then it will have to create its own mechanism to counteract them. First he missed the T20 World Cup and then COVID-19 he truant when he was about to board the flight to South Africa.

“Yes, there will always be challenges, that is something that I have realized especially in recent years. “But what matters is how I push myself, I keep getting better at the things I want and I keep getting better as a cricketer. I have tried to focus on that and in doing so, that has kept me in a good position”, explained the young spinner.

Washington said two World Cups are coming up, a T20 later this year and the ODI World Cup in 2023 and its focus will remain on those. “It was very, very disappointing to have missed out on the opportunity to play in the World Cup. But yeah, there are two World Cups in the next 15 or 16 months, so that should be my focus.”

Now that he’s back, Washington knows the more games he plays, the better and sharper he gets. “More than anything, I have always wanted to be in the present and continue to improve as a cricketer.

“If I do that, there would be a lot of opportunities and also the fact that I could perform much better. I have loved staying in the present and enjoying the game,” she added. Speaking of the match, it was about focusing on his strengths.

“I was bowling with my strength and of course we had some plans for their batsmen. “They are relatively aggressive and we just wanted to execute the plans and it’s been a while since I’ve played in the colors of India so it was really good for me to be back and it was encouraging to get a good chance. I just wanted to bowl to my strengths and I had a really good day,” Washington said.

Also on Sunday, Sundar pitched early on the power play and said the Vijay Hazare Trophy experience helped him. “That’s something I’ve been doing for the past few years. I enjoy bowling on Powerplay now with the new ball. Even the fact that I played with Vijay Hazare helped me to bowl in different game situations.

“Even there, I played a lot with the new ball. All of those experiences have definitely helped,” she added. India has a new white ball captain in rohit sharma and Washington emphasized that Mumbaikar asks its players to play to their strengths.

He always wants players to play to their strengths, not get carried away with too much planning. He simply asks us to stick to our strengths and execute each delivery accordingly, the spinner added. He also said that he is immensely benefited by the guidance provided by patron Rohit and Virat Kohliwith whom he played at the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

They know exactly what to do in that particular situation in the conditions and especially against different batsmen so when they team up especially with a bowler like me who is young it brings a lot of faith and confidence and more than anything they let I know exactly what to do, he added.


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