The Women’s Team: A Badly Explained War


Barcelona players lead a rebellion against Spanish team football players George Wilda, Barcelona players have experience of this type of action. louis cortes He had already been defied after another rebellion. This is not criticism; This is an observation. This is rarely seen in the men’s first team or in the national team itself. It depends on the image of football players in these first hours of open war between them and the Federation.

15 Rebels, with this Friday’s tweets in their mail, highlighted purely sports disagreements. They say they despise the coach’s training methods and football norms and want the other to take advantage of the performance of the group “which aspires to win the title, they underline.

The protest is too swift (even CNN and the New York Times echoed these lines at the time they were written) to highlight it in a way that leaves room for misunderstandings that plague women’s football. is specific. It was the Federation itself that made public the inconvenience three hours after receiving the resignation notification, in a manual communication maneuver how to turn around and redirect an adversary.

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The explanation given in the letter agreed between the 15 football players does not lead to any reason. So it’s hard to believe there aren’t more. Perhaps this is an unreasonable suspicion and, in fact, this whole crisis is based on an unbearable distrust of the coach’s abilities. But the problem lies here. These football players play too much, with nothing less than their participation in the next World Cup, to expose themselves to a poorly planned pulse. They are already professionals, but here they behave like novices in front of a federation that is a world of wolves.

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The Federation has stolen the initiative from him. Now it is up to them to explain themselves better than what they read in the letter and far better than the press conference a few weeks ago in which, more than a protest, it seemed like a dedication. He has started a war with his tweet on this Friday. It is a principle to retrieve the formula of the cause in which they come against a louis rubialesThe president of the union who hoists the flag of allegiance to himself is called luis enriquea world class coach, or as his name is George WildaCredentials only.

It would be logical for this to end in an unexpected resignation, as Vilda’s continuation angers the footballers who can win the World Cup and leaves the Federation and the ambitions of the women’s team in bad place. No one would enter the office that Rubiales had put in luis enrique For seven years there was no result. This is happening to a technician who has no minimal track record. Perhaps that way it can be better understood what the players are trying to explain.

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