The Veil and Freedom in Iran, by Ignacio Alvarez-Osorio


the middle east is entering a perfect storm, The health crisis caused by the Kovid-19 pandemic has given way The economic crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine, which has triggered unemployment and poverty rates. When the sick man seemed to be showing signs of improvement, a new setback forced him to confinement himself to the intensive care unit.

it’s just that, The gap between the rulers and the ruled is not stopping. In recent years in the Middle East and especially in Iran. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, democratic rule opted for Beheading the opposition and suppressing civil liberties, Since then, the weakest link in the chain has been the subject of an Iranian woman occupying clear discriminationSince it is clearly unequal to men in relation to marriage, divorce or inheritance and moreover, it is forced to wear veil in public places,

Death at the hands of religious police mahsa aminiA young Kurdish woman visiting Tehran has caused an unexpected incident outburst of anger Which has spread like wildfire across the country, including the traditional fiefdoms of governance. Thousands of Iranian women and men have taken to the streets Demand to abolish mandatory veil, Since the advent of the Presidency of the Conservative Ibrahim Raisi A year ago, Morality Police has sharpened its control To ensure strict compliance of the dress code as well as to guarantee the segregation of the sexes. That’s why half of the Iranian population is under permanent surveillanceSince in case of violation of established rules, Iranian women run the risk of being arrested and undergoing reeducation courses, where harassment and torture are common.

Although there have been hundreds of demonstrations over the past decade for economic reasons and natural disasters, the current mobilization has taken a toll. mainly political, The main threat to the Islamic regime would be that economic and political opposition unite on a single front and consolidate their actions to oppose jointly. staying in power under a corrupt elite and are unable to deal with the serious problems that the country is going through, as has come to the fore in the last four decades.

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If you feel threatened, The regime may react with extreme cruelty, When, in 2019, thousands took to the streets to protest the hike in fuel prices, security forces suppressed demonstrations with extreme brutality, leading to the deaths of 1,500 people. There is some doubt that the situation will repeat itself if Opposites gain strength and move with time, So far the officials limited internet access To prevent workers from syncing their actions and information from going viral. The Revolutionary Guard, for its part, has launched its usual propaganda campaigns, stating thatThe regime’s traditional enemies will arm the protesters to spread anarchy, As in the past, without ruling out mass arrests, torture and even extrajudicial executions, the intensity of repression can increase as events develop, a common practice in Iranian prisons.

In the coming weeks, President Raisey may face his own acid test, as all pools consider him the best candidate for election. Ayatollah Khamenei’s place, who has been holding the post of supreme guide since 1989. In the event of hesitation in repression, they could lose their position and see how some of their traditional allies withdraw their support. Knowing the history of Raisi, one of the members of the infamous ‘Death Commission’ that decided to hang thousands of political prisoners in 1988, we can infer that His pulse will not tremble when it comes to beheading any danger. for the existence of the Iranian regime.

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